• When: 09/26/15
  • QIC: Hee-Haw and Adrian
  • The PAX: Chaser, Okra, Splinter, Misfire, Cesspool, Collar, Lloyd

Battle Report 09-26-15

9 showed up ready for Battle. Here’s what happened.


The Thang:


Fast mosey up Falcon Drive and circle up in The parking lot for the house of the plastic ferns.

25 Merkins OYO
25 Squats OYO
High Plank until all finish

Fast Mosey across Forest Drive and Left on Edgehill

Circle up

25 Merkins OYO
25 Squat OYO
High Plank until all finish

Continue Fast Mosey down Edgehill, right on Oakridge

25 Merkins OYO
25 Squats OYO
High Plank until all finish

Left on Plumer, down the hill and hold high plank for instruction:

Partner up. AYG around the following, Start at Springhill and Plumer, head on Springhill to Cherry Laurel to Oakridge to Plumer back to start.

Round 1: 25 Fist Bump Merkins at each corner
High Plank until all finish

Round 2: 25 Fist Bump Sit Ups at each corner
Six Inches until all finish

Round 3: 20 Partner Diamond Merkins at each corner
High Plank until all finish

2.2 miles, 215 Merkins, 100 Big Boy Sit-ups, 100 Squats, and three time up Cherry Laurel…and that’s just the first half


Line up on Springhill at the base of Cherry Laurel.

P1 does Russian Twists, P2 up the hill, 1 Burpee at the top, then back down. Flip-Flop, and increase Burpee by 1.

Continue pattern until your group gets to 10 Burpees.

Fast Mosey all the way down Cherry Laurel and cross Forest, then Left on Brentwood and down to back entrance to AO.

Hold High Plank until all get there.

Run to COD.

Dirty McDuece at break neck pace
Round 1: Merkins, Chaser LBCs, Russian Twists

SSH Burpees 10

Round 2: Wide Arm Merkins, Freddy Mercuries, Mountain Climbers

SSH Burpees 10

Round 3: Diamond Merkins, LBCs, Russian Twists

SSH Burpees 10

Final Round: Merkins, Russian Twists, Mountain Climbers.

Jail Break to COT

BOM- Adrian


You had to be there to understand. Intensity and competition everywhere in this one. Over 3 miles covered, with hills, Burpees, and enough Merkins to make you sick. If you think you’ve plateaued? Then you need to be at Battle.


MudRun sign up deadline 10/3…do it

Palmetto 200 will be here soon. Form up your team.

Blitz launched 9/29 at 0545 at Memorial Stadium. 30 minutes, high intensity. Here we come Rosewood.

Other Stuff

That’s all…for now

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