• When: 02/06/17
  • QIC: Ziffel
  • The PAX: Kenny G, Cinderella, Tonto, Foxhole, Spurrier, Excavator, Bidet, Pipeline, Oddysey, CoPay, Beacon, Ziffel

Monday Speed Work

Conditions: Dark and cold (30’s)

The route:

Interval training with 4, roughly half mile sprints, followed by 3 hill runs at Martha.  Leave the AO to Galway, sprint to Saye Cut (1), slow pace to Hammond entrance and back to Saye Cut, sprint Saye Cut to Old Woodlands (2), slow pace to Macon, sprint Macon to Galway (3), slow pace to Merrill, sprint Merril to Old Woodlands (4), mosey to Martha, hill runs 3X, mosey back to AO.  Good work by all.

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