• When: 2019-03-09
  • QIC: Lug Nut
  • The PAX: Lug Nut, Biggie Smalls, BunkBed, Gutterball, TinTin, Chyna, Froman, Mud Dawg, FNG-SeaBass

Modified Mountain at Spur

YHC is participating in Chyna’s Brotastic Lent Challenge which require a certain number of reps, burpees and planks each day. This led to the idea for the Modified Mountain.

Conditions: 50 and wet. Started raining on us during warmup but stopped as we began workout.

The Thang:

9 PAX started with a mosey to the pull up bars.

5 sets of 5 burpees & 5 pull-ups to get warmed up and the juices and mumblechatter going! A lot of complaining about the rain occurred.

PAX jogged to bottom of stairs near the USC band practice field where the real fun would begin.

Modified Mountain 10 to 20 reps

Starting at bottom of stairs – 10 pushups

At top of stairs – 10 squats

Jog to overpass across field – 10 dips then mosey to bottom of stairs

Repeat increasing reps by 1 until get to 20.

When finished PAX were able to recover or do planks of their choice while other PAX completed workout.

Mosey back to stairs by Blatt Field. Reverse Calf Mountain 20 reps on bottom stair to 1 rep on top stair to finish.

COT: Spur welcomed 1 FNG – SeaBass (who gave Chyna a run for his money during the workout) (SeaBass jokes from Dumb and Dumber were made)

Prayers for RA and Welcome Week