• When: 2019-03-09
  • QIC: Cesspool and Collar
  • The PAX: Hustler and Rhonda

Moral of the Story…Rinse and Repeat

4 PAX posted this morning to a gloomy #BATTLE.  YHC was on the original schedule but with the P200 looming in less than 14 days, our team was doing a team run.  YHC picked a very worthy candidate to fill in but he forgot he was going to see a wonderful lady named Anesthesia the day before.  This wan’t ideal so, YHC had to post and co-lead the eager PAX with my man Collar.  Gotta admit, concern was abundant at 0759 that YHC was going to have this solo.  Nevertheless, Collar showed up with 30 seconds to spare.  Here’s the THANG.

Conditions:  48 and drizzling on and off


By the way, Collar and I never spoke about our workout.  It worked out perfectly.

Run to the Battle Loop, grab two pavers and circle up on the pad.

Circuit which was repeated 3 1/2 times.

5 Burpee Pull-ups

20 Front shoulder raises

20 Side shoulder raises

20 Military Presses

20 Merkins

run the BATTLE Loop!

Plank until the 6th arrives.  Right arm up with paver for a 10 count, Left arm up for a 10 count, 1/2 way down for a 10 count, regular for a 3 count, 1/2 way down for a 10 count, regular for a 3 count, 1/2 way down for a 10 count, RECOVER.

Rinse and Repeat 2 more full times and for time sake, we cut everything in half for the final run through except the Burpee Pull-ups of course.  Turn it over to Collar.


Put away the pavers and run over to the covered walk near the ROTC building.

Round 1:

15 down to 1

Big Boy Sit Ups

Flutter Kicks

V-ups (these sucked out loud!!!!!!)

Recover and run to Falcon Drive.  Turn around and run to Brentwood.  Turn around and run back to the covered walkway.

Round 2:

15 down to 1


Iron Cross

Freedom Twists

Collect your belongings and run back to the Flag.

BOM:  Collar


  • Continued prayers for Michelle, Gump, and RA’s family.
  • F3 Columbia Convergence on 4-6-19 at the Blatt.  0700 – 0800.  Running group and two boot camp options.