• When: 01/16/17
  • QIC: Windmill
  • The PAX: Windmill, Moon River, JB, Dusty, Ripple, Mission, Two Buck; Bluegrass

MLK Day at Brickpile

A little later start time for the MLK holiday didn’t cut into the Monday numbers at the Brickpile.  By vote, we decided to kick off at 6:30, instead of 5:45.  The word got around pretty well, including YHC telling Cesspool in person on Saturday at the Thicket, who said he’d be there.  Oh well.

Conditions:  Slightly damp; warm

The Thang:

Warm Up Jog

SSH x 30

Squat x 30

Merkins x 20

Mtn Climbers x 20

Imperial Walker x 20

Little Arm Circles x 20 both ways

Jump Squat x 12

Yoga Lunges x 15 each leg

Little Leg Circles x 15 both ways

10 Burpees

Jog to wall

Calf raises – both legs x 20

Wall Merkins x 10

Calf raises – right leg only x 20

Wall Merkins x 10

Calf raises – left leg only x 20

Wall Merkins x 10

10 Burpees

Jog to Bricks

Wood chopper x 15 each side

SLOW LBC x 20 (interrupted by a big JB fart)

Xman x 20

Jog to brickpile

Side Squats with Bricks

Pliates cruches

Slow flutters with a crunch

Knees to elbows

Opposite leg/arm raises

Superman’s – 3 ways



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