• When: 04/01/17
  • QIC: Ranger
  • The PAX: Stones, Cyclone, McLovin, Turnpike, McBeal, Special K,Drummer Boy, Enterprise, Lamb Chop, Wham, Chuckie, Carville, King James, Happy Trees, Balboa, Rubber Made, Cherry Garcia, Gil, Fudd, Ranger

Mission Q School Workout

20 Highly motivated Pax post to The Mission for a Workout and Q School. It was great to be back at The Mission with great support from the men of The Castle and the men of OGM! In addition to a workout today was a Q School. This was an opportunity to learn more about how to plan and lead an F3 workout while putting in hard work at the same time.

Weather was sunny, low 70s

The Thang,




SSH x 20 IC
TTT x 20 IC
Imperial Walker x 16 IC
Merkins x 10 IC
Squats x 16 IC

Mosey to the Corner for 4 Corners

Bear Crawl short side, 20 squats at the corner
Run the long side, 20 squats at the corner
Bear Crawl short side, 20 squats at the corner
Run th long side, 20 squats at the corner

Repeat with Lunging the short sides and 10 merkins at each corner

Form into groups of 3 for 3 Man relay

Send one member across the field,
On go far member starts merkins, one member does squats and one member runs across field to relay.
Continue exercises and relay until the team reaches 200 merkins and 200 squats

Repeat with team completing 300 side straddle hops and 300 LBC

Line up and the end of the field for Pain Train:

Run 20 yards, 10 merkins, return to start, 5 burpies
Run 20 yards, 10 merkins, run another 20 yards, 10 squats, return 20 yards, 10 merkins, return to the start 5 burpies
Repeat until completing 4 rounds total out to 80 yards

Circle up for Mary:

LBC x 20 IC
Flutter Kicks x 20 IC
Boat Canoe x 20 reps
Merkins x 10 IC


Sharing thanks


The Q School provided an opportunity for the pax to learn about planning and executing a workout. Highlights are a follows:

Preparing – Plan for the Pax not just what you can do, Plan extra work in case you go faster than expected, don’t Q it if you can’t do it,

Executing – Be there early to welcome pax, disclaimer is IMPORTANT, practice calling exercises and cadence, monitor the pax an modify workout if needed

Leadership – Be encouraging, monitor the pax and make sure they are successful, be in charge,

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