• When: 2019-04-23
  • QIC: Corndog
  • The PAX: Heist, Snapchat

#LegionPaverPowerHour Redux!

3 men posted to #Legion Tuesday morning, hoping for the opportunity to #GetBetter, to get stronger, and to see if they were #LegionLegit. YHC was inspired by a 2016 paver workout courtesy of Legion Counsel of Elder member Wingback, focusing primarily on the upper body and core muscles. YHC brought some F3 branded pavers to the AO and then promptly went on a month long hiatus so this was the first chance to play with our new toys. Here’s how the  #LegionPaverPowerHourRedux went down.

Conditions: Clear and surprisingly not humid in the mid to high-50s.  Conditions are perfect – it’s business time.

The Thang
Grab pavers and head to the standard late arrival warmup spot (no late arrivals showed), taking care not to wake the folks sleeping in their car at the AO

Warmup – SSH, Windmills, Through the Tunnel (NO CLAPPING)

Warmup done – on to the real deal; grab the pavers and head to the basketball court

“The PYT Special”
(Completed with pavers and all PAX together)
1 Manmaker, stand up, 4 shoulder presses.
2 Manmakers, stand up, 8 shoulder presses. Repeat all the way to 10 Manmakers, 40 shoulder presses.

AMRAP for 1 minute Quick squat + paver shoulder press
Squat hold with pavers held out to the side/out front on the Q’s call for 30 seconds
20 Merkins OYO
20 Mountan Climbers OYO
*rinse and repeat x 3*

Leave the pavers and mosey to Crabdaddy’s and grab 2 cinder blocks per PAX.
Farmer’s carry from the street corner to the first utility pole.
21 bottom curls
Farmer carry back to the street corner
21 shrugs
*rinse and repeat x 3 doing top curls and full curls*
20 Iron Cross w/ cinder block bench press OYO

Put up the blocks and mosey back to the basketball court.
High Knees holding pavers over your head for 1 minute
Sprint the full court and back
Frank Martin with pavers the full court and back
*rinse and repeat x2*

LAST….the abs
20 Russian twists OYO
10 hold plank and alternate arms extending paver out to the side for some delt action.

Workout complete.

BOM : Closed out by Corndog

PAX put in great effort on this workout.  YHC wanted to focus on some upper body and get some of that sweet sweet paver action and the PAX rose to the occasion.  Til next month Aye!