• When: 3/21/2017
  • QIC: Shadetree
  • The PAX: Heist, JarJar, Minion, Shadetree and FNG=BigPoison

Legion- Look Man No Legs!!!

Just three days of shuteye before the P200….
Conditions: perfect weather!

The Thang:

Mosey to the baseball field and do these
30- SSH
30- Imperial walkers
30- Little arm circles
30- Mountain climbers

We take a slow mosey the long way around to the tennis courts, where the YHC decides to do the tried-and-true shoulder beat down.
Partner 1 holds balls to the wall while the other bear crawls around 1/2 perimeter of the tennis court (full perimeter was shot down quickly!)
Rinse and repeat
Next up, same thing but partner one holds high plank while other partner crab walks around the perimeter.
Rinse and repeat
Line of on 1 side of the court and do 1 series of super- inch worms
We then mosey – after the lights decided to turn off on the tennis court (thanks for telling me how to set the timer Jar Jar!) We then continue our mosey to the area in front of the playground that is well lit.
Next up
15 over head claps
15. Raise the roof
Followed by
10 dive bomb merkins- oyo
I think a good shoulder burn is starting to set in…
Let’s keep it up then mosey over to the monkey bars to amrap pull-ups and Burpee’s

1 partner does the pull-ups all the other does Burpee’s for one minute/30 seconds off

We then trek it over to the very clean basketball court where we do a series of suicides – karaoke and backward runs, yes I know, I said no legs, but this won’t hurt!

We are headed back to Cot where we have almost 3 minutes to kill- we do 2 series for proximately one minute on/ rest for a few seconds and then another minute…

Announcement: the 200 this weekend! Don’t forget about the mud run in May!

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