• When: 2017-08-19
  • QIC: Heist and Wingback
  • The PAX: Minion, HeeHaw, Cesspool, Rhonda, Misfire, Collar, Hustler, Hawg, Wingback, and Heist

Legion AOQs Invade Battle

Last week YHC realized he was double booked for Co-Q. First was Co-Q at Battle with Wingback. Second was Co-Q for the Q School Bootcamp with McLovin and Cornstache. With all of these great minds, we got the details all worked out quickly. YHC would do the first half of Battle, and leave nothing in the tank. Then Wingback would step things up for the remaining PAX as YHC gracefully slipped away to bolt over to Q School.

Wingback was the original AOQ for Legion. With YHC as the current AOQ for Legion, it was a great chance for us to team up and give the Battle PAX our best shot. Great to see Minion (Legion AOQ between us) and HeeHaw (Legion regular) both post to Battle as well. We were looking forward to pushing Splinter as much as possible, but he was MIA. He must have been celebrating that big Westwood Football victory in week 1 (Congrats!).

77 and humid. What’s new, we live in Columbia and this is Battle so suck it up!


The Thang:

Heist’s Half
Mosey out of parking lot and around to far side of school drop off horseshoe

Partner Up

First Round Dora:
Partner 1-Sprint to end of parking lot and back (approx 100 yards out)
Partner 2-AMRAP Big Boy Sit-ups
Rotate until 200 Big Boy Sit-ups completed

Second Round Dora:
Partner 1- Karaoke to end of parking lot and back
Partner 2-AMRAP Iron Cross
Rotate until 300 Iron Cross completed

Third Round Dora:
Partner 1- Sprint to end of parking lot, Broad Jump half way back, Lunge Walk remaining way back
Partner 2-AMRAP Russian Twists
Rotate until 400 Iron Cross completed

Early finishers, plank or help complete reps for other teams

Mosey back to front of school steps

Declined Plankorama from two steps up for remaining two minutes:
High Plank
Left Arm Up
Right Arm Up
Starfish Left
Starfish Right

Turn it over to Wingback:

Pick-up Bricks and mosey over to pull-up bars.

First Round:
5 pull-ups
5 Burpee Man Makers w/ bricks (Burpee, then single arm row left, single arm row right)
5 Bent Over Rows w/ bricks

Repeat circuit with count of 7
Repeat circuit with count of 9 (#pplpleaser)

Second Round:
5 World’s Worst Merkins
5 Dips on dip bars
5 Dive Bomber Merkins

repeat circuit with count of 7

Indian Run with pavers. Rotate pavers in multiple positions
Drop off bricks
One Minute High Plank
25 LBCs IC
25 Freddies IC
25 Flutter Kicks IC


BOM -Wingback


Always great to Q at Battle. Pax leave it all on the field every time. Great to see a few of the Pax make it over to Q School shortly following the second half Wingback beatdown that YHC didn’t get to fully experience).


That’s all for now!