• When: 2017-08-15
  • QIC: Hee-Haw
  • The PAX: Wingback, Heist, Corndog, Maytag, Ringo, Rosenbagger

It was a big HIIT at Legion today

7 men took YHC’s best shot this morning, here’s what you missed:

Conditions:  Swampy (aka beyond humid)


The Thang:

Fast mosey out the parking lot, hang a right.  Circle up at the Corner, after dodging Bagger comin in on two wheels.


10 Lil Arm Circles Forward IC

20 Squat Walkers

Continue fast mosey down past park entrance, hang a left, and circle up at the base of the hill.

10 Lil Arm Circles Reverse IC

20 Heel Tap Crunches OYO

Line up at the base of the Hill.  Begin HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

Do the following set at bottom of hill, then sprint up the hill and back, and hold 6 inches while you wait on the 6.

Hand-Release Clap Mercans (HRCMs), Mt. Climbers,  Flutter Kicks, and SSHs

All done immediately, one after another.

Set 1:  5 reps of each

Set 2: 10 reps of each

Set 3: 15 reps of each

Set 4: 18 reps of each (#crowdpleaser)

Head over to the Tennis Courts.

1 minute on, 30 seconds off, Line Jumps

Rinse and Repeat times 3

Head over to the Block Pile (aka Crab Daddy’s house), grab 4 blocks for the group.

Divide into two groups (3 in one, 4 in the other)

For the next 10 minutes, do the following:

G1 50 yards away from G2.  Each group has two blocks.  1 pax from each group farmer carries the blocks to the other group.  While you wait on your turn in G1, 5 HRCMs, Mt. Climbers, Flutter Kicks, and SSHs, rinse and repeat.  In G2 hold 6 inches.

Back to the Tennis Courts

One Suicide

One Suicide stopping and doing 5 Squats at each line.

Back to the blocks.  7 stations, and each man goes through once.

  1. Lunge Walk 25 yards out and back, 2. Curls w/ Block, 3. Chest Press w/ Block, 4. Goblet Squats w/ Block, 5. Bench Press w/ Block, 6. Flutter Kicks, 7. Hold High Plank

Return the blocks, then line up for Indian Run back to COT.

BOM – Hee-Haw

Moleskin:  Awesome work by the pax today.  Conditions were rough, especially for a HIIT based workout.  Pax really gave it their all.  Legion is definitely going to miss our younger guys, as Maytag and Ringo head off to their sophomore years in college.  gGood luck boys, and come back soon.


Give to Give fundraising continues.  Check twitter, cause there’s a great raffle going on this week.

Other stuff.

That’s all..for now