• When: 2017-08-15
  • QIC: Fountainhead
  • The PAX: ToughGuy, Peachy, KenDoll, Dunphy, LeVar, McLovin, RA, Prom, SnowBird, Sheets, Stent, AlterBoy & F'head

A #SwampFox Summer Farewell

School’s already back in session for a few unfortunate souls but the rest of the F3Midlands district 2.0s will join the headlong race to Christmas season by this time next week.  The freedom of summer is, sadly, drawing to a close.  It was with this deadline in mind, and apparent questionable judgment, that the #F3MidlandsTour named #SwampFox for their final summer roadtrip AO.  YHC was forewarned and thus had the following #Thang waiting when the @F3Lexington clowncar pulled into the CMS parking lot.

Conditions: Roughly those of a stale sauna.

The Thang:

Optimistic (though proven overly so) that a few more pax would show up at Crayton if we lingered, YHC started with a mild COP to tick the toc:

  • SSH X 25, 4CT IC
  • Imperial Walkers X 20, 4CT IC
  • Mercans X 10, 4CT IC

Exiting the parking lot at a fast mosey and headed northward on Clemson, the first 1/4 mile was covered before the first stop for a little real work:

Mercans X 25, OYO & Plank
LBCs X 25, OYO & Hold 6″
Squats X 20, 4CT IC

Continuing to and across Forest Drive, the pax arrived on Rutland for round two of the little circuit we were creating:

  • Mercans X 25, OYO
  • LBCs X 25, OYO
  • Squats X 25, OYO

By this point, the #SwampFox regulars knew what was coming and had started filling in the visiting dignitaries why F’head would make quick work of crossing the Forest Drive ridge and turning onto the innocuous looking  dead end street that is Rutland Court.  Some of the uninitiated, in fact, had even heard war stories of Rutland.  Nothing really prepares one for coming upon that stop sign and speed bump halfway along a residential street with nothing but the horizon beyond.  We took the plunge.

The Rutland Ladder:

From the bottom, the pit of stagnant swelter between the trees, the call was made for a 10-1 descending Burpee Ladder on the hill.  10 Burpees at the top, 9 at the bottom, 8 at the top…  Finish with 1 at the bottom and regroup back up top beneath the infamous stop sign.  6 times up, 6 times down with 55 Burpees mixed in, don’t stop.  Winner leads Mary.

T-Claps to Stent who took the checkered flag and led a winded and weary group through Flutter Kicks, in cadence, some Boat/Canoe as called and about ten Russian Twists, in cadence, before YHC busted up his count and made the call to head back toward Crayton.

Back Across Forest Drive the pax stopped a second time in the Murphy & Grantland parking lot for another set of:

  • Mercans X 25, OYO
  • LBCs X 25, OYO
  • Squats X 25, OYO

We then turned back down Clemson stopping off at the entrance to the school for another round of the same…  except YHC shorted the routine thinking we were short on time taking the pax back to the shovel flag with five more minutes to use and abuse.  What else was there to call but more of the same… but slowly:

  • Plank Up/Downs (Mercans with a hold at the bottom) X 5  as called (about 90 seconds)
  • Crunch Up/Downs (LBCs with a hold at the top) X 10 as called (about 90 seconds)
  • Air Chair Up/Downs (Squats with a hold at the bottom) X 10 as called (another 90 seconds)


NMM & Announcements:

  • Special welcome and T-Claps to the #F3MidlandsTour pax who got up stupid early to come so far for a workout.  It does the soul good to see friendly faces from across the river.  Thank you for making the extra effort.  It’s greatly appreciated.
  • Q-School following this Saturday’s Brickpile workout.  7:00-8:00 for the workout at DHS, 8:00-9:30 for a free breakfast at Egg’s Up with the Q-School crew.  Well worth a refresher when free breakfast is to be had.
  • A couple significant F3Lexington races coming up.  Stomp the Swamp at Riverbluff is August 25th and it’s scored specifically for F3 regions with top 5 runners from each region competing as a combined time.  THEN, November 11th the Lexington Run Hard Half Marathon will feature a 10K to honor John “Cheech” Flanagan.  Put both on your race schedule.
  • #Armory tomorrow morning at 5:00, DHS with “Robber” on the Q.  The lesson will be on “Service” and you will want to be there.
  • And as a final NMM bit, 8 of the pax made a quick stop by Dunkin Donuts (at AB’s request) to tuck in a little 2ndF with the roadies from Lexington.  Good times.  Nothing like a hot cup of coffee to wring the last little bit of sweat from the pores.

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