• When: 2020-02-07
  • QIC: Watergate
  • The PAX: Pepto, Chop Block, Double Fault, Pinot, Cheddar, Sweet Tart, Penny Stock, Olive Oil, Steel Toe, Leroy, YHC

It gone rain!

Weather – A misleading 50

What had happened: The Clash regulars assembled at the Pellet Palace for another game of light-up ball soccer; the match was anything but regular. Highlights:

Numerous elements threatened the game, but these pax were undeterred. First, the weatherman failed to tell us about the wind gusts that nearly knocked over the smaller players on the field. Then came the rain, and the combo of those two felt like needles to the face. The ball was kicked over the fence twice, and we’ll definitely also blame the wind for that (we never mishit the ball at Clash). Then, the bulb popped out of the ball, but we’ll just duct tape that because one day Amazon will finally run out of the glow balls that we order like every month. Yet, the game was never in serious doubt, with one team even sneaking in a couple goals while Pepto checked the radar (it probably said rain and wind).

The player of the game will be begrudgingly awarded to Sweet Tart, who scored numerous goals and should have been on YHC’s team to start. We say begrudgingly because two of his goals featured him knocking other players down before scoring and also because we are sometimes jealous of his skill level. Just kidding – sorta – we love you. MVP performance. Hopefully he doesn’t get a big head after reading this.

LEROY JENKINS made his return to Clash as well after resting his knee last time, and he must have really stretched it before the match because he was dominant defensively. As Pinot pointed out, Leroy played on both teams (because YHC’s squad was down a man and getting pounded early) and his squads only allowed a total of one goal. What a team player.

The combo of a slick field and the wind a caused some wild things to happen even by Amazon glow ball standards. A ball that could normally be caught up to kept going like it was caught in a rapid. This nearly caused Watergate to miss a wide-open tap-in at the end, but nobody saw how close it was. It would have been a normal occurrence, but would have definitely been blamed on the conditions had it dinged the post.

Count-rama, name-a-rama

Prayer requests: Double Fault’s in-law with quadruple bypass, person he knows who’s in hospice and husband having difficult time. Prayers for the weather and those in Upstate and elsewhere who were affected. Steel Toe and Watergate’s wives going out of town this weekend and will be flying solo with kids.

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