• When: 2017-09-14
  • QIC: Blue Rhino
  • The PAX: Hot-4-Teacher, Adluh, FNG, Bounce House, Blue Hawk, Candy Stripe, FNG, Postal, Banjo, Fake News, Rook, Prowler, BooBoo, Rumble Strip, Rebound, Stinkbait, Blue Rhino

Inspire-Motivate-Break Barriers- #ChildhoodCancerAwareness

My son Brayden was diagnosed with Leukemia a year ago. A healthy 10yr baseball loving boy having the time of his life doing what he absolutely loves. Through it all he has chosen to be better-not bitter. He has Inspired-Motivated-and Broke Barriers. He is a inspiration to many and he is my biggest hero.  September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month. The opportunity arrived for me to lead my Pax and what better way to lead a group of men by spreading awareness for #childhoodcancer.  #PRAYFORBRAY. Each letter represents a exercise. I had originally set out to do 10reps of each letter 4 times (4% the amount of money received from federal funding for childhood cancer.) I chose the harder thing and my PAX followed.

Conditions: wet, humid, 70*


The Thang

Mosey to basketball court for COP
-SSH x 21 IC
-Windmill x 10 IC
-Merkins x 10 IC

  • Mosey over to block pile, grab a block and head to The Principal: OYO with Blocks
  • P -Plank Dips 5X each leg -Hold Plank until the 6th
    R-Russian Twist 10X -Hold Plank until the 6th
    A– Air Squats 10X-Hold Plank until the 6th
    Y-YOLO- modified Outlaw – Spell “Morethan4” Hold Plank until the 6th
    F-Flutter Kicks 10X -Hold Plank until the 6th
    O-One Legged Burpee 5X- each leg-Hold Plank until the 6th
    R-Russian Twist 10X -Hold Plank until the 6th
    B-BC up Principle tier 1-5 Burpees-Backward Lung up tier 2- 5 Big Boy Sit Ups
    R– Russian Twist 10X -Hold Plank until the 6th
    A-Air Squats 10X-Hold Plank until the 6th
    Y-YOLO- modified Outlaw – Spell “CancerSucks” Hold Plank until the 6th

Head Back to Block Pile and Mosey back to the Flag



-TClaps to the two FNG’s that came out
-TClaps for my Pax for pushing me thru and doing the harder thing!
-Detention this week:  Detention-0 Ants-2
-F3 has been a big supporter for our family thru F3 and FIA- We are truly thankful for all you guys/gals.

-9/14 – “Whiskers for Wheels”  Pax will be clean shaven today Thursday 9-14 and then grow their beards for 10 weeks. Judging Nov 16th. Speed for Need Racing a Wheelchairs in Charlotte is the selected charity and Thumbs Up is the Q for this effort.
-9/15 Tunnel to Towers
-9/16 Dam 10K
-9/16 Smokehouse 9/11 event
-11/11 John Flanagan Memorial 10K
-12/15 F3/FiA Christmas Party

Henry Family
Unspoken Prayer


“Encourage one another and help one another” (1 Thessalonians 5:11a GNT).

The Bible tells us in 1 Thessalonians 5:11a, “Encourage one another and help one another” . God wants you to build up, motivate, and inspire other people. How do you do that? You can do it three ways: You can give people hope, you can help people overcome their fears, and you can help people break down barriers.

First, you can give people hope. You show that you’ve been through the same thing, and you reassure them that they’ll be able to get through it, too. You show through your story that it can be done.

When you share your experiences with other people, you help take away their fears. It’s kind of like riding a roller coaster. When you go to an amusement park and you’ve never been on one of those huge roller coasters, you’re kind of thinking, “Is this a smart decision?” Then, the person in front of you turns around and says, “This is a great ride. I’ve been on it five times.” So you’re thinking, “Okay, I’m going to live. He’s done it five times. It’s got to be okay.” Hearing from someone who’s already gone through it is an inspiration. It’s motivational.

How many first-time parents feel scared to death, unprepared, and inadequate? All of them! How grateful they are for somebody who comes along and says, “Babies cry. It’s okay. This is normal.” The fears that they’re experiencing don’t seem so daunting when others share with them their experiences and how they came through them. It gives them hope!

You also help people break through barriers when you motivate them with your own experience. In 1954, Roger Bannister was the first man to run a four-minute mile. Before he did it, everybody said it was impossible — no one could run that fast. Yet within a year or so after Bannister broke that barrier, a dozen other guys also had passed the four-minute mark. All of a sudden, people realized it wasn’t impossible, and it gave them hope that they could do it, too.

You have experiences in your life that could be barrier-busting, inspirational, and motivational to other people — but only if you’re willing to share them. This is one way you can encourage others and give them hope.