• When: 01/12/17
  • QIC: Spread
  • The PAX: Prom, Levar, Furlough, Sheets, Secondhand, Venti, Polo, Snowbird, Krusty, Spread

“I want to be like Mike!”

With aspirations of showing off our giant pythons on national television for the biggest football game of the season and calling first downs in a shmedium shirt someday…..we ten show up to work!!!   hashtag: How ‘Bout Them Tigers!!!!

Conditions:  About fifty, fullish moon (or was that the street light?)

  • Jog towards Citadel Park
  • Stop at Converse/Furman – 30 SSH IC, 30 arm circles IC, 30 squat IC, 30 mercen OYO, off to park
  • At Park:  Pull-ups:  Burn out
  • Circuit 1 – 30 mercen, 30 lunges (15 each leg), 30 sit ups – repeat 3 times – lap around park – flutters till everyone finished OYO
  • Circuit 2 – 30 dips, 30 step ups (15 each leg), 30 LBC – repeat 3 times – lap around park – squats till everyone finished OYO
  • Circuit 3 – 15 decline mercen, 30 freddy mercury (count 1 side), 15 incline mercen – repeat 3 times – lap around park – LBC till everyone finished OYO
  • Pull-ups burn out
  • Jog  to Coker/Furman – 25 monkey humper OYO, 25 imperial walker IC
  • Jog back to Swampfox
  • 1 minute squats OYO

Moleskin:  F3 Camden launch this Saturday 7 AM

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