• When: 03/30/17
  • QIC: The Farm
  • The PAX: Spot Tail, Ram Jack, 2 Step, Big Country, Point Break, Turf n Turf, FlyBoy, Pleasure, Air Head, Febreze, SchoolBus, The Farm

Homecoming (with visitors)!

After what has seemed to be several 5-6 pax mornings, TWELVE pax descended upon the Davis Lake
AO this am. Was it because the second spring of 2017 has arrived? Or because they were all itching to get stronger? OR because they’ve been saving a month’s worth of mumblechatter for YHC? Regardless of the reason, I was happy to see some faces I haven’t seen for a while in the gloom as well as a few visitors from Columbia and Charleston. After I apologized to our visitors for the lack of running that this workout would have (a request from @bigcountry that I happily granted), we were off.


SSH x 35 IC
IST x 15 IC
CP x 15 IC
WM x 15 IC

The Thang:
10 Mericans IC
10 Burpees IC
10 Air Squats IC
10 LBCs IC

8 Mericans IC
8 Burpees IC
8 Air Squats IC

6 Mericans IC
6 Burpees IC
6 Air Squats IC

4 Mericans IC
4 Burpees IC
4 Air Squats IC

2 Mericans IC
2 Burpees IC
2 Air Squats IC

Mosey around the clubhouse (against @Big Country’s wishes)

Plank while waiting for the six.

Partner Up and complete the following as a group:
100 Partner Derkins
100 Partner Get ups
200 LBCs

Homer to Marge Medley with Low Dolly, Rosalitas, Low Flutter
Pretzel Crunches
Reverse Crunches

Slightly Warmer Moleskin:

Welcome again to our visitors. I hope you enjoy your time in Charlotte. There are MANY AOs that are close by and I’m honored you chose to join us this morning.

Where was @King Julian after talking all that smack about the “FNG” that would be posting today?

Great partnering with you today @Turf n Turf

Great seeing you guys this morning after being away for a month. Now that the marathon is over, you’ll be stuck with me for a while…until the next one…

RED Friday beatdown is tomorrow. @2 Step has the Q.
April Sign Up Genius is open. Sign up to Q. If you’ve never Q’d, talk to a man who has and he’ll make sure your questions are answered.

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