• When: 2017-11-20
  • QIC: Fudd
  • The PAX: Beamer, Turnpike, Kamikaze (Respect), Special K (Respect), Wham, Eldrick, Billybob, TOY, Freebird, Fudd

Hills and Valleys

Ten Pax posted in the frosty gloom to hit the short week head-on.

Conditions: Crisp 32 degrees and bone dry

Warmup:  Disclaimer, 20 SSH IC, plank and calf stretches, 20 LBAC fwd and bwd, 20 toe-touch-reach-ups, 20 flutter kicks IC.

Tha Thang:  2 teams of 4 did four rotations carrying their fifth man aka the kettlebell for 50 yards.  The four Gamecocks did not drop their Clemson alum, to their credit.  Mosey to the four-way to start our run tour of the sometimes easy sometimes brutal topography of the hood. Mixed in with burpees at speed bumps, Merkins at cul de sacs, and LBCs at side streets.  The top of Davant reached, it was time to descend into the blackness of the woodland trail, with lunge walks and crab walks to the bottom.  No light in there, and all by feel.   Having hit that bottom we exfilled and retraced the route to the AO.  Arm-locked for group sit-ups and flutter kicks to finish up.  Not a block got moved.

COT: Count-O-Rama, YHC quick devo on TIME and TEAM, Name-O-Rama, Announcements by Turnpike, plenty of chances to post this week.

BOM and prayer.

Always a pleasure to Q these guys.  Thankful for the blessings of first, second and third F.