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Hello Hamburger Hill

43 Columbia men converged for the first time at CMS for some field work on a surprisingly comfortable Saturday morning.  Comfort, however, was discarded early as Hamburger Hill was christened with fresh meat forced through the grinder of a diabolic string of fire.  Surprisingly, no one spilled merlot and the pax used the rest of the morning to coddle a few overweight CMU.

Conditions: 72 degrees, 92% humidity

The Thang:

Warm-up jog around the block from CMS parking lot down Clemson, right on Converse right on Hillside to block pile and through gate with blocks to COP on the field (400M)

SSH X 30
Incline Merkin on the block X 15 (4 Count)
Sit-ups X 25 OYO
Decline Merkin on the block X 15 (4 Count)

Mosey to the opposite 40 yard line

Hamburger Hill Jacobs Ladder (aka: Strings of Hell):
From the 40 yard line, Run to end zone
10 Burpees in the end zone
Sprint up Hamburger Hill
15 Merkins at the top (downhill facing direction)
Downhill/Recover jog
20 LBC’s in the end zone
Run back to 40 yd line
25 Squats
(Rinse & Repeat X 5)

Planks: Left Arm, Right Arm, Low, High, Low (rinse & repeat a lot)
Leg Levers: 6″, 45, Taco, 45, 6″
25 Situps OYO

Mosey back to COP / Blocks

Curls to Overhead Press X 10 (4 Count, read the disclaimer)
Iron Cross with Blocks X 20 OYO
Dancing Merkins X 8ish (8 Count – left side down, up, two hands on block, right up, right side down, up, two hands on block, left up, confuse the pax and keep on going)
Russian twist with blocks (slow-motion, heavy weight) X 10 (4 Count)

Curls X 10 (4 Count)
Overhead Press X 10 (4 Count)
Iron Cross with Blocks X 20 OYO
(recover while Q catches up with the pax…”Oh, you’re all waiting for me?”)

Shrugs with Blocks X 15 (4 Count)
Block Backed Dips X 10 (4 Count)
Iron Cross with Blocks X 20 OYO
Bench Press with Blocks X 15 (4 Count)
25 Situps OYO

Mosey back to 40 Yd Line
Hamburger Hill suicide singleton:
40 yd to End Zone and Back
40 yd to Top of Hamburger Hill and Back
When finished, return to COP, grab your block, return it to the pile & plank up.

Return to COT:  Jog around Hillside, Converse and Clemson to the parking lot (400M)

COT:  Prayers and Praise on behalf of Woody, his M & 2.0’s; Prayers for Uncle Leo.  Closed out by Fountainhead.


  • A special welcome to all BrickPile brothers. Nice to have you at CMS for an introduction to Hamburger Hill.  Come back any time.  It doesn’t go anywhere.
  • T-Claps to the brothers Reynolds (F3 Chaser, Splinter & Okra) for the synchronized hill work. All three (and a number of others beyond my narrowing peripheral vision) were patiently planking when YHC started his 5th repeat. #SaltInTheWound
  • The Q this morning was struggling…  which just proves that you don’t have to be the toughest guy out there to get the job done.  Part of the F3 mission is to encourage leadership among the pax.  If you’re willing to Q, cowboy up.


  • The deadline for ordering an F3 Columbia shirt is today, July 13th.  If you want one, check out the Gear Store ASAP.
  • Upcoming Launch of two new/expanded workouts:  IRMO – Yes, our west coast contingent is cranking up a new workout in Irmo at Seven Oaks Park.  Mark the calendar for August 3rd and Check out the #PreBlast for Details.  M/W BrickPile – The need for more options has gathered momentum and so a Monday & Wednesday bootcamp workout will be starting soon and DHS.  Follow @F3Columbia on twitter or check back to the F3 Columbia web site for the planned launch date.
  • The WIS segment on F3Columbia will air on Tuesday the 16th at 11:00.  A shorter version will air that morning on “Sunrise” which, if you see live, means you’re probably #fartsacking.
  • The Summer Fuel Challenge rolls on with the first weekly challenge starting Monday.  Check it out. #LactoseIntolerance




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