• When: 
  • QIC: Pondo
  • The PAX: Odyssey, Stretch, SideSaddle, SilverBullet, OnRamp, Pondo

Hamstrung Bells

6 pax descended upon the Yard the day after YHC pulled a hammy racing SideSaddle for the glory of Staccato’s balls.  Needless to say, YHC didn’t plan for running at this workout.

Conditions: Not bad for mid June.

The Thang:

Warm up- walked around the circus alternating with arm circles F/B and Raise the Roofs.

SSH, IW’s, Squats, Merkins, LBC’s, Calf Raises all x 20 OYO and w/o bells

KB Revolutions- 10 each way for halos, slingshots, around the world, fig 8 & hunchbacks.

KB Swings x 20, Waiter Press x 20, Rows x 20, Soccer Touches x 100 all OYO

Curls for the Girls x 30, Triceps Exts x 30, Chest Press x 30 BBSU’s x 30, all OYO

Squats x 40, Calf Raises x 40, Snatches x 20 (each arm), Wood Chops x 20 (each way), Step Ups x 40, all OYO

Hammer Curls x 20 (each arm), Bell Merkins x 20 (each arm), Russ Twists x 40, Single Arm Triceps Ext x 20 (each arm), all OYO.


Moleskin- even with a bad hammy, you can get a good workout with the bells.  Thanks for the encouragement from the pax.

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