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AOQ Handoff

AO: Hammer
Q: Bindi, Ratatouille
PAX: Duckie, Kilt, Big Worm, Billy Bob, Bindi, BooBoo, Collar, Darlene, Fountainhead, Kitty, Leprechaun, McNugget, Misfire, Pinkman, Ratatouille, Stretch, Swingline, Wally, Zuba, Bernie
FNGs: None
Started workout with Bindi leading

Through the tunnel IC
Imperial Walkers IC

2 laps around the field of BLIMP
10 Burpees
20 Lunges
30 Iron Cross
40 Merkins
5 Pull ups

Circle up Abs
A few BBSU
Other abs I can’t remember

Ratatouille took over
PAX completed 15 merkins in honor of Bindi’s 15 months of leadership

4 logs were taken for a quick lap around the field and building
Alternating 15 log shoulder press and 15 log curls at the 4 corners

Logs returned and blocks were retrieved (one for each Pax until we ran out)
A quick game of soccer was played with PAX split into 2 teams while carrying the blocks each
15 Penalty burpees for out of bounds play
15 Penalty exercises for opposing team goals

Blocks up and return to COT

Charleston F3 Anniversary this weekend

Big thank you to @Bindi once again for his leadership as the Hammer AOQ. Also, I forgot to mention this morning a big thanks to the guys from #Swampfox making the trip to Hammer- Great turnout by all!

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