• When: 2019-01-14
  • QIC: Gump
  • The PAX: Gump, Stent, Cesspool, Bundy, Quickbooks, Cornstache, Huffy, Exit 1, Promo, Welcome Week, and Garnish

Ground Hog Monday

This morning we did a repeat of Quickbooks’ Route from last Monday, with less recovery time. I chose to do this after hearing feedback from one of the PAX following last week’s workout, telling him that this was good training for the P200 (and because I was feeling lazy last night!) We did a one mile warm up jog to MLK Park, and then did three laps at a 5k pace (each lap is a little under 1k). Last week we did full one lap recoveries between, but this week we cut those in half. Starting at the security camera, where Preston intersects, we ran just past the port-a-jon (where there is a large oak tree and flood light).
The goal was to achieve negative splits. There were two distinct groups (Cess, Stent and I pulled up the rear). Although I got smoked by the elite pack, at least I felt like a gave a better effort than last week. Personal best is something, right?
Then we returned to the AO the same way we came, running uphill at recovery pace. Stent had a close call, almost getting hit by a car, pulling out of Anytime Fitness. Remember that they can’t see or hear us, so run defensively guys!
Closed out with COT and BOM, with a special prayer request for Garnish’s uncle Noah, who needs brain surgery, and for Driveby who has Shingles.
Cotters to Exit 1. It’s good to have you back, and thanks for shaving that beard!