• When: 2018-03-09
  • QIC: Hoboken
  • The PAX: Farmer, Patches, BigBox, Ranger, Hopper, DryRub, Fondue, Pantene, Blackout, Lobo, NanoChip, GumDrop, Rebar, Goldfish, DoubleDribble, Giggles, FuelRide, Beebs, Carousel, Chinstrap, BigCountry, NailPop, FloppyDisk

Gone With the Wind….Suddenly

Starting to expect at least 20+ every week guys!   Great turnout!

During our prayer time this week, we had some requests shared that were “suddenlys”.  What I mean by that is life can change in an instant.  This week, the life of my family was changed suddenly too.  My Dad has been diagnosed with kidney cancer.  Although your prayers are certainly welcomed, the reason that I tell you that is because our God works in suddenlys.

I read a devotional this week with my son that talked about Moses and his quest to get Pharaoh to let the Egyptians go from slavery.  Of course, these passages are filled with the plagues that fall upon Pharaoh and his people in an effort to get Pharaoh to free God’s people.   As an example of one of these plagues, with a strong wind locusts come upon the land and devour everything.  Pharaoh was distraught with what God presented towards him…  what a mess.  Pharaoh confesses his sins against God in that moment and with another wind, the locusts were gone. (For the full story, read Exodus- this portion in Exodus 10)


  • Pharaoh, much like me, waxes and wanes in his faith.  Unfortunately, the trials in my life are typically the things that draw me closer to God. Plague after plague until finally God’s purpose was completed (i.e. – divorce, deaths, sicknesses).  Often I have to remind myself in the midst of my little life plagues that even the challenges I face in my life are for a purpose and that God always has my best interest at heart.
  • God is in control.  Although with just wind God brought upon a plague, the opposite is also true.  With just wind, God also removed the circumstances that “plagued” Pharaoh and He can do that too.  He is almighty!

Encouragement – Let the challenges in your life draw you closer to God.  Realize that God is capable of removing difficult situations and/or revealing his purpose to you in His timing at ANY moment.

Your brother in Christ,