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Get Hoppin with Hustler

Run up Adger to Devereaux intersection

5 minute AMRAP (20 push up, 20 sit up, 20 squat)

Run to Adger/Berkeley Split (Progressive Push-up/Arm Raise – 1:4 to 10:40)

Run to Eastminister Parking lot (Corner of Longleaf and Medway) – Calf Raises

Sprint hill on Longleaf (2x with 10 burpee)

Run to corner of Longleaf and Butler (Groups of 4 run Butler hill while remaining group exercises:

Mountain Climbers, Squats, Calf-Raises, Merkins, Lunges)

Run to corner of Butler and Picket – Lunge Walk and Sprint to Corner of Picket and Daly (split in groups: 30 iron cross; 20 decline merkins)

Run back to AO

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