• When: 2018-03-13
  • QIC: Ash
  • The PAX: Teddy, Foxhole, Chewy, Cuddles, Pampers, Pipeline, Stretch, Bamm, Ash

Fun with Cinder Blocks

9 PAX came out in the frost to start Tuesday off right.

The Thang:

Warmup – Mosey around the circus. Circle up in the parking lot for some Imperial Walkers (x20) and Arm Circles (forward,backward,overhead x12). Mosey to the brick cage. One Cinder Block each.

Walk with blocks Cusak style to long fence. Bears and Blocks for the length of the fence. (Bear crawl while dragging/pulling your cinder block)

Walk with blocks Cusak style to softball field. Air chair while Field of Dreams is explained (Each base is AMRAP until home plate group is done and rotates everyone. All with cinder block. 2nd set done with “Colt 15s”):

Home Plate: Colt 45s, 1st Base: Squats, 2nd Base: Blockees, 3rd Base: Lunges.

Circle up at pitcher’s mound. Rock a Bye Baby with blocks. SSH x20 in cadence. Walk with blocks Cusak style back to fence. Bears & Blocks for half fence. 5 super Merkins with blocks (left hand off, both hands on, right hand off). 3 final Blockees before putting blocks back.

Mosey back to flag. Ab work to finish until time called. (In cadence, Flutters x20, Russian Twists x20)

Announcements (Welcome FNG Bamm!, Palmetto200 coming up, etc.) and Prayer.