• When: 10/29/15
  • QIC: FroYo
  • The PAX: (9) Porter; Backhoe; Papercut; Silver Bullet; Chewy; Loveseat; Improv; Pipeline; FroYo

FroYo Cardio

FroYo Disclaimer…  Mosey to warm up area directly behind school. 25 SSH; 20 Imperial Walkers; 15 Little Baby Arm Circles Forward then 15 LBAC Backwards; 10 Shoulder Presses
Mosey to Circus and pair up.
Run 5 laps alternating exercise amraps in between each lap with partner. 1. Big Boy Situps/Lap One; 2. LBC’s/Lap Two; 3. Squats/Lap Three; 4. Curb Calf Raises/Lap Four;  5. Big Boy Situps/Lap Five
Mosey back to the wall of MES for next round of FYC workout.  Stay with partner.  First partner does The People’s Chair while other partner runs to playground for first set of two alternating exercises (pull ups and/or negatives and dips);
Partner One The People’s Chair; Partner Two sprints to playground to do 8 pull ups, sprint back and swap places with partner one to do TPC while partner two sprints to playground to do 8 pull ups.
Partner Two runs to playground and does 20 dips while partner one does TPC then vice versa.
Partner Two runs to playground and does 6 pull ups.  While partner one does TPC then vice versa.  Then 15 dips, then 4 pull ups, 10 dips, 2 pull ups, 5 dips, and plank till everyone completes the two exercise circuit.
    Pull Ups        Dips
    8                    20
    6                    15
    4                    10   
    2                    5
Two alternating sets of exercises follow, still with partner.
Partner One Carolina Dry Dock next to wall of school while partner two sprints to playground to do 5 jump hops over and back of short black retaining wall that surrounds the playground.
After two sets complete we do slow lunge walk to the basketball court then mosey to COT for 3 mins of Mary (Scissor Kick followed by Big Boy Situps)
End of FroYo Cardio Workout  6:15am  Conditions: Dark, 62 degrees, humid, some clouds, rolling fog still clinging to The Moors of Meadowfield when looking towards field next to baseball sports complex….
Also, as Pipeline put it, If a tree falls in the Woodshed, can you hear it??  As the group departed COT moseying towards the basketball court at 5:30:24 am EST we had an audible experience. Some described it as what first sounded like a truck turning its’ tires on the damp coat of gravel blanketing the aging asphalt of the community center parking lot.. We turned around expecting to see the small white City of Columbia Ford Ranger that is inexplicably in the parking lot on most mornings (doing what we don’t know)… Instead, nothing.  Just the final sounds of what appeared to be the aftermath echo of a tall pine tree falling in the wood-shed…. If anyone happens to investigate those woods tomorrow by the tennis courts please let us know if in fact a tree did fall in the woodshed… If no downed tree is discovered then I may have to also question what has always been reported to me that a bear “does in the woods…shed”…
Neighborhood Pre-Trick or Treating Halloween Festivities 5 pm Rosebank Court Saturday.  Bring your offspring in various states of costume.  Or if no offspring no big deal, bring yourself and your beverage of choice.  If you have offspring, also bring your beverage of choice.  Pizza and some beverages provided.  Pizza compliments of Andrea Reynolds.
We are looking forward to seeing everyone.

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