• When: 2018-08-24
  • QIC: Wally/Wall-E
  • The PAX: Billy-Bob, Furlough, Detour, McLovin, Collar, Nelly, Michelle, Gaston, Strom, RA, Pinkman, Wally, Flo

Friday 5k and a challenge to the PAX of Scramble

13 Pax beat the fartsack this morning to come run at Scramble.  Kotters to Nelly and Flo.  Since being named AOQ, YHC had been thinking of ways to build on the legacy of those who have led before me.  Since joining Scramble, YHC has gotten better at running, however many times I am still at the back of the pack by myself.  In the gloom, many thoughts enter your head about wanting to just walk a little bit here, slack off there and many times its hard to beat those thoughts.  One way YHC has found to put that time to better use has been to pray while running.  In my spiritual life, prayer has been something that is easy to neglect and in our constantly attention grabbing world and its distractions, its not easy to make the time to spend cultivating our relationship with God through prayer.  Running in the gloom has been a great opportunity to meet with God and pray for myself, my M, my marriage, my 2.0, the lifegroup/community group/whatever your church calls it, and any other things God brings to mind. This morning YHC challenged the PAX to use part of their time during the run to reach out to God in prayer either by themselves or with those that they are running with.  For YHC it was a good time to get to know Flo a little better and to put together all three F’s during the run.  ISI is a part of F3 and doing that physically is a great thing that impacts our lives but getting to do that in the 2nd and 3rd F in our spiritual lives can have an eternal impact.

Conditions: high 60s and football weather

The Thang:

From Trenholm plaza up Trenholm, Left on Academy, Left on Daniel, Right on Willingham, Right on Ravenwood, Right on Reamer, Right on Trenholm back to COT.




YHC forgot this morning, but going forward, I would like to see the Scramble Q’s put out the route the night beforehand if possible for any FNG’s that may join or any PAX that come from a different area and may not be as familiar with the territory.  Also helpful for those of us who cut it close with the porcelain fartsack some mornings and may roll in a minute or two late.


  • 09/03/18 – Labor Day Convergence at Thunder
  • 08/25/18 – Stomp the Swamp (F3 State 5K Championship)
  • 10/05/18-10/06/18 – F3Nation Ragnar Trail Relay
  • 11/10/18– Run Hard Lexington 10K to Honor Cheech