• When: 2018-06-14
  • QIC: Flo
  • The PAX: Stretch, Boo Boo, Apple, Collar, Misfire, Pinkman, McNugget, Ducky, Billy Bob, Robber

Flo’s VQ

There’s a first time for everything. This morning was YHC’s first chance to deliver a proper beat down upon the PAX of Hammer. Payback time had arrived for YHC and YHC was ready and willing to distribute said payback upon the group of 11. Everything was going as planned and YHC was distributing a creative sports themed beatdown until the last 10 minutes of said beatdown when YHC completely ran out of steam and the chunks began to rise. Thankfully YHC was able to overcome and swallow back forth coming merlot and stumble to the finish line.  Many thanks to the PAX of Hammer for posting and showing your support at my VQ. Welcome to Apple and Robber.

Conditions: 73 and muggy

The Thang:

 -15 SSH

-Mosey to Meadowwood loop for modified DORA 

Partner up for rotating loop run and exercises 

Combined 100 merkins, Combined 100 BBSU, Combined 125 Squats

Indian run to baseball/softball field for F3 baseball. The pax teamed up into 3 teams to run the bases

1st base: Combined 120 bbsu

2nd base: Combined 120 diamond merkins

3rd base: Combined 120 iron cross

Home: Combined 120 merkins

The teams rotated lunge walking and bear crawling to the bases

2nd inning

Exercises the same but 80 combined reps and with bases moved to outfield fence and sprints to each base. 

Back to COT to finish up 

-15 squats

-10 burpees 

-10 SSH

-10 Baby arm rolls and reverse baby arm rolls


– Scramble tomorrow is at the new Eggs Up Grill off Forest Dr. Billy Bob has the Q.

– 7 am convergence at the Brick Pile this Saturday. The Nantan will reveal himself

– McNugget has the Q at F3 Dad Camp tomorrow at 7 am

– Whetstone – Contact Robber if anyone interested in being or getting a mentor. He will explain in full detail

– Crazy Train starts on 6/25.  6 different AOs in 6 days

– Betamax surgery was a success. If anyone interested in participating in a meal train for his family contact Billy Bob