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"Flashdance" or "The Secretary's Water"

39 faithful entered the brickpile on Jadaveon Clowney Day, and something about the baskervilliean fog twisted and turned the space-time continuum on its head… and all of a sudden the year was 1983. A young Sway in his prime, was running down the streets of Columbia. Flashdance and a young Jennifer Beal on his mind… livin’ footloose and fancy free with a song in his heart and he just couldn’t wait to share it.
Conditions: 75 and thick…just thick.

Tha thang
25 4x ssh in the student parking lot under the soft fog filtered light
Indian run logo’s loop under the soft fog filtered gloomy light from the giant orb in the sky totally full

COP on the lower field where the grass is damp, the fog is still freakin’ thick and the light is eerie
Uneven plank 30 sec a side
Side low plank with a quad stretch 30s a side #impossible #feelingthatone
Standing leg raises 30 sec a side or as #cheesy put it, practice keepin your balance for a Phish show…nothing like 20k white people without rhythm to make YHC feel at home
Isometric squat hold for 1 sec, 2 sec, up to 10sec
Alternating one leg lunge amrap
Get the secretary a drink- from the crab position reach back over your opposite shoulder, while doing a hip thrust. Sway was in his element. He was looking for a shower pull… He sang his heart out…”Maniac, Maniac, and I’m dancin’ like I never danced before” …I thought he was gonna try and throw a football clear over that mountain or at least a quarter mile…
Robin hood push ups 30 sec a side amrap- in the pushup position, extend right arm straight perpendicular to the body, as if holding a bow and arrow. Commence pushing up and down.enthusiastic singing halted. Or was it just muffled by the thick fog?
Isometric squat jumps hold squat for 1 sec, explode, 2 sec, 3 sec, up to 10 sec…people’s chair with no wall…#North Korea style
30sec CROSS hold in a cross position, from a high plank arms as wide as you can but don’t let your chest touch the ground
30 sec Superman from a high plank, slide arms out in front until your chest is almost touching the ground and hold
50 yards run to the trees, and return to the circle
Rinse and repeat

Mosey to the treeline, and form groups of 4. Pick the four next to you…#next time don’t get next to 3 guys that are much taller and faster than you…
4 man foot race to the glowing tree back lit by the fog (50 yards), winner stays, losers jog back and repeat, winner stays, losers jog back and race again. Inspired by a HDHH discussion with Adrian about how those strings of fire leave everyone whooped…
25 situps oyo, 10 merkins.
Mosey back to the student lot for the COT, where the fog remains thick, so thick, indeed, that Sway reports his age as 26. the space tiem continuum is ripped and can’t be mended? Ahh…it’s been a long time since I stood in high school parking lot with a guy who lies about his age…


Ball of man led by seeker, prayers for the families of Woody and Mrs. Woody as they begin the next stage in their battle against breast cancer, and #Strut ff Steve “Pedro” Moore deployed to northern California to fight the RIM fire

25 seconds into the ssh’s and YHC loses his #Weinke, and has to go #PaytonManning and audible the whole thing…#fieldgeneral
Grumbles and pain during the pushup sets and cross and superman planks. “is everyone feeling this in their shoulders or is that just me?”
no singing during the drink exercises on the second go round though Robber couldn’t stop laughing…#saidhepracticedthemlastnight
Soccer Mom is fast at sprints. Really fast. I wanna see him and Splinter go at it. #scorchedearth #didhegetupto88mph

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  1. i edited mine just a little, and posted it too…simultaneously…i was too excited to sleep! i couldn’t get my picture to post, though…gotta learn that trick, though i had the exact same picture….great minds and all…

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