• When: 2017-08-12
  • QIC: Fountainhead
  • The PAX: Jingles, Chyna, BiggieSmalls, OC, Beta, Spanky, Fallout, Gaston, Lovebug, Insanity, McLovin & F'head

F’head Loses His Mind at #Dawnstrike

It was a normal kind of Saturday at DHS for the 6:00 show of #Dawnstrike.  Nothing seemed out of place.  The mumblechatter was the usual high getting warmed up for the early morning workout.  And even Jingles was on hand to bump some fists at his original AO.  And then the wheels started coming off the collective bus.  It was ugly and no one, the Q included, saw it coming.

Conditions: Dampish with the predictably still, oppressive kind of August heat.


For the record and in full disclosure, I don’t always remember to share the disclaimer… This time, appropriately, everyone was warned that YHC is not a professional.

Mosey to a the field for a quick warmup COP of:

SSH X 20, 4CT IC
LBC’s X 20, 4CT IC
Mercans X 10, 4CT IC
Squats X 20, 4CT IC

Mosey up the field, around the bend and on to the cage of masonry for which the grandfather of DHS was named.  Bricks were left behind, though, as blocks were taken up.  All of the normal weight CMU were gone (except 1 which was broken during the workout) so we all got the oppressively heavy ones.

Quick circle was formed by the pax hoping we’d just sit around in a circle like sedate, normal pax.  So we did 20 Big Boy Situps to pay respect to the circle before going over to the parking lot for what was really on tap.

An Ugly, Too Hurried Block & Mercan Dora…
Partner 1 stayed on the curb and did AMRAP CMU Curls for the Girls while Partner 2 ran to the opposite side of the teacher parking lot behind DHS and did 20 Mercans before heading back and trading out with Partner 1 for the CMU Curls and Partner 2 ran and did 20 Mercans.  This was the pattern which soon became brutal with:
Overhead Press / 20 Mercans
CMU Tricept Extensions / 20 Mercans
Goblet Squats / 20 Mercans
Bent over Rows / 20 Mercans

The pax were gassed and so we took a break… sort of… leaving the blocks at the curb we all moseyed around to the student parking lot.  Keep in mind, we were only 20 minutes into an hour-long workout at this point.

Pick a line and do Ski Hops X 1:00 Minute
Front to Back on the line X 1:15 Minutes
Calf Raises X 1:30 Minutes

Line up for Stupidcides…  out to the first parking divider line and back, out to the second parking lot divider line and back, to the far side of the parking lot and back.
Flutter Kicks X 15, 4CT IC starting when the last guy got his legs in the air.
This we rinsed and repeated X 4 before taking a break by doing a bunch of extra Flutter Kicks…
More Stupidcides of the full parking lot.  By this point Chyna was cavorting like he was high and Beta was doing the #refusnik thing.  30 minutes down and just 30 more to go.

Back to the blocks and this is where YHC took his life in his hands.  The Block Dora thing was reprised to collective dismay.
Partner 1 did CMU Curls while Partner 2 ran and did 20 more Mercans.  Spanky crashed the only lightweight block left in disgust and the Q finally relented and changed up the next set for LBC’s on the far side in place of Mercans…
AMRAP OH Presses & 20 LBC’s
Tri-Presses & 20 LBC’s
Goblet Squats & 20 LBC’s
And finally the original plan was scrapped entirely and Partner 1 did a farmers carry with the blocks to the opposite end, did the 20 LBC’s and then carried them back while the waiting Partner 2 did LBC’s or some such lunacy.

Accepting that an hour’s work was already complete and yet we had 10 more minutes, one of those minutes was burned with 50 ore Flutter Kicks, 4CT, IC.

Moseying to the “burn the clock” gym wall the pax did 1:30 minutes of wall sitting followed by 20 LBC’s OYO.  Rinse that bad boy and repeat it bringing the clock to 2 minutes ’till.  With a mosey back to the shovel flag, a final 20 Mercan’s were called, also OYO, which was just close enough to time to call this #Dawnstrike Q complete.



Full disclosure, YHC had no idea the pax would crank through the first DORA so fast nor that the stupidcides would be so stupid.  Apparently, time slows during #Dawnstrike in inverse proportion to the volume of the #Mumblechatter.  Nevertheless my last #Dawnstrike invitation (as vowed by the AOQ) was solid.

Very few announcements.  Perhaps everyone was numb.  McLovin counted 200 Mercans.  Jingles admitted his Tri-Sprint the next day was probably shot.  Chyna was supposed to run some more that day.

Mclovin showed us all up by running to Starbucks for #Coffeeteria.  Of course, it’s downhill to Starbucks and no one heard from him after the climb back up to DHS thereafter.  Good to see other runners cruising through the 5 points fountain doing some BRR and 50K training for what’s promising to be a strong September for F3Columbia.