• When: 10/20/12
  • QIC: Crotch Rocket and Senior Chips
  • The PAX: Crotch Rocket QIC (Jim Cotchett) Senior Chips QIC (Walter Pringle) Pretty Boy Quarterback Daisy (David Campbell) FNG* Luke (Andy Walker) FNG First Choice (Frank Lundy) FNG Roscoe (Jim Best) FNG Marshall Ramsey (Stegman) FNG and LIFO Tennant Powers (Spooks Chair) FNG Jenkins Mikell (Ike Rider) FNG Flynn Bowie (Sway) FNG Read Folline (Heartbreaker) FNG Ryan(Cason Group) Marty Marzagao (Taj) Brian Harmon (Cason Group)

F3/Capitol City 10/20/2012 The First Day of the Rest of Your Life!

Tha Thang:
Warm up jog to kick off first F3 workout in CAE
COP (Side Straddle Hops, Merkins, Little Baby Crunch, Imperial Walker)
Run to baseline of practice field
50% run, Backward Run, 75% run, Karaoke, High Knee
Run to tennis courts
Ski Line drills 30 second x3
Baseline to Net drills x5, x3
Suicides x1
Run back to practice fields
Chips Leads Mary (Flutter, dolly, rosilitas, superman(CR solo), Knee ups, LBC’s)
COP( SSH, Merkins, LBC’s)
Jacobs Platter x5 (not popular)
Ark Loader (Bears and Crabs)
Walking Lunges, Monster Walks
Run to other practice field
COP (SSH’s, LBC, Merkins, Diamonds (yes))
120 yds full sprint to end…..
Naked Man Moleskin:
Where to begin….
1)     You can always go home:  It felt great leading the Pax on my home turf only 6 houses away from my mother’s house! By the way, she does not know I was there so don’t throw me under the bus.  Remember, I will lead again soon….
2)     Smiling Faces: T-claps to the 13 FNG’s that experienced there first F3 workout.  Even through the pain there was a lot of chatter and smack talk.  That’s what we want.  Even though there is pain we are there to have fun.   It is easier to push yourself at 100% when your buddy is doing the same.
3)     Burn Baby Burn: For the new guys that huffing and puffing is calories and fat being burned with white heat!  Just think the more effort the more burn…
4)     Nicknames: We did a fair job coming up with names today but some required more thought and will be rolled out before next weeks workout.  David Campbell, yours has been changed to Boss Hogg.  Figured that was probably better than Daisy.  For everyone who came the first week you will have naming rights for all FNG’s (Friendly New Guys) going forward. Marshall Ramsey left before nicknames were assigned and I gave great thought.  Your nickname is Stegman.  Can you figure it out?  Ryan and Brian, I have given responsibility for your nicknames to Chad B (Hops).  He will notify you shortly. Nicknames are an important part of F3 and the #1 rule of nicknames: Never Complain about your Nickname! If you wonder what can happen if you complain see my name…. 
5)     Next Week: Please go out and start putting Emotional Headlocks on friends, coworkers, brothers, fathers, etc.   We go at the same time 6:50 am and same place next Saturday.  The leaders next week will be Little Baby Jesus(Warren Holland) and Crotch Rocket(Jim Cotchett).
6)     Fellowship: We have identified a great place for post workout fellowship.  There is a back room at Lizards Thicket on Beltline that has our name on it.  If you can please join us after the workout. April took great care of us on Saturday.

7)     Going forward the workouts will be posted on theF3Nation.com website under the backblast section.
8)   Thoughts and prayers go out to Bill Lamotte and his family on the loss of his father.

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