• When: 6/30/2017
  • QIC: Heist and Bullseye
  • The PAX: Venti, GoldenSpice, Heist, Bullseye, McNugget, KidSparkle, Pipeline, Peekachoo, Sleeping Beauty, Mission, Corndog, Dragonfly, DoubleRub, LittleBit, Firecracker, Cartwheel, Creeper, Huffy, Odyssey, and little 2.0 Odyssey (they left early).

F3 Dads and 2.0s with Peel & Stick Unicorns

Always a pleasure to Q a workout. Even a bigger pleasure to experience a Q with your 2.0. Bullseye (13) says he thinks he is too big for F3 Dads (now that he has posted to Legion with YHC). Bean (11) was excited for her first Co-Q, but woke up with a 101 fever. She was granted one mini-fartsack excuse, but plans to post next time around!


75 and wet from the overnight rainstorm.

The Thang:

Warm Up

-Mountain Climbers-15-IC
-Butt Kicks-15-IC
-High Knees-15-IC
-Little Arm Circles Forward- 15-IC
-Little Arm Circles Reverse- 15-IC
-Raise the Roof- 15-IC
-Overhead Claps- 15-IC


-All Plank along tree line:
-Dads crabwalk 25 yards, then sprint to end of school building and back
-2.0s slow pushups until dads return
-2.0s crabwalk 25 yards, then sprint to end of school building and back
-Dads complete slow pushups until 2.0s return

Get over fear of wet and dirty:

-Drop to backs and make snow (wet grass) angels
-Roll over to fronts and make snow (wet grass) angels

Tunnel of Love:

-Line up shoulder to shoulder
-drop down to high plank/Carolina Dry Dock position to from a tunnel
-First person at left crawl all the way through tunnel and extend tunnel
-Next person repeat until all Pax have crawled through tunnel

Wall Sits:

-Mosey to far school wall
-Preacher Chair against wall
-Dads advance to far tree line via:
-Brad Jump
-Sprint back to wall
-Dads hold Preacher Chair
-2.0s advance to far tree line via:
-Broad Jump
-Sprint back to wall

Back to COP:

-Mosey to center field
-Flutter Kicks 15-IC
-Russian Twists- 15-IC

Dealers Choice around the circle for all 2.0s:
-Side Straddle Hops-fast and super fast (Corndog Crew)
-Merkins (Pipeline Crew)
-Star Jumpers-Dads shout “I’m a Unicorn” for each jump (Mission Crew)
-Burpees (Double Rub Crew)
-Bear Crawl Ring of Fire (McNugget Crew)
-Squats (Venti Crew)
-Monkey Humpers (Huffy Crew)


BOM by Heist


2.0s got wet, and gave it 100%. Bullseye even said that he got a pushed a little more than he thought he would. No doubt that the crowd pleaser for the 2.0s was placing unicorn stickers all over the Shovel Flag!


July 4th Convergence at Legion 7AM
4 Spots still open for F3Dad Qs-contact Huffy

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