• When: 2017-11-17
  • QIC: McBeal
  • The PAX: Turnpike, Special K (R), Fudd (R), Wham, Lamb Chop, Kenyan Pow Pow (R), Katniss, Grilz, McBeal

Everyone passed the BAR exam

Inspired by Turnpike’s posting of the Alli McBeal gif, I had no choice but to see if the PAX could pass the BAR on this Friday morning.  Also, I know they are damned tired of doing DORAs.




COP (all in cadence)

SSH x20

LBACf x15

LBACr x15

RtR x15

Through the Tunnel x10

High Knees x20

Butt Kicks x20

Mosey to get some blocks

BAR stands for Blocks Abs Running


Curls x20 IC

Goblet Squat x20 IC

Overhead Press x20 IC

Bench Press x20 IC


20 big boy situps with block OYO

Russian Twists x20 IC

20 Chasers OYO

Flutter Kicks x20 IC

20 LBCs


Jog to guard shack, stop for 1 burpee, Job back to COP

Rinse and Repeat

Speed Round

10 of every block and and abs exercise OYO

Guard shack job

back to COP, but blocks up

Count o rama, name o rama

Welcome to Kenyan who will be relocating to Columbia.  Glad to have him with us.



Thanksgiving Convergence

New Q Schedule

Second Thursday Castle lunch at Casa Linda

McBeal OUT