• When: 2018-06-19
  • QIC: Serena
  • The PAX: Teddy, Belle, Chewy, Side Saddle, Odyssey, Bone Saw, Serena

Dripin Good Time at the Shed

It’s always to be good to be back at the Shed (Woodshed that is), one of the great AOs of Columbia that has built and continues to build Leaders! YHC was glad to see some faces that I didn’t recognize (Belle and Side Saddle) and glad to see one that I hadn’t seen for a while (Bone Saw). Thoroughly enjoyed my time there as it’s a great group of guys that always are ready to put in some work. And work was done…


Mosey to School Dropoff for:

Imperial Walkers x20  4ct IC

Plank Jacks x20 4ct IC

Alternating Lunges x20 4ct IC.

Partner up for Burpee Roundabout. Start with 5 burpees each, run in opposite direction from your partner, 5 burpees when you meet, run back direction from where you came, 5 burpees when you meet. Finish after each PAX completes 50 burpees (and covered approx. a mile).

Next up: Lazy Dora. With the same partner perform 100 Merkins, 200 Squats, and 300 LBCs. The “resting” PAX holds Plank, Air Chair, and Flutter Kicks.

Line-up for an Indian Run back to the Block/Brick/Tire Cage. After admiring the new landscaping inside the cage (is that a tree growing out of the tires?), grab a cinder block to perform.

Curls x10 4ct IC

Shoulder Press x10 4ct IC

Bench Press x10 4ct IC

20 Situps OYO w/ Block

20 American Hammers 4ct IC w/o Block

Kettle Bell Swings x10 4ct IC.

Indian Run back to Flag.


Stumble runs to Kilbourne Baptist Church tomorrow to converge to honor Cheech, Crazy Train starts Monday next week (https://www.f3midlands.com/columbia-sc/preblast-the-crazy-train-cometh), Woodshed/Legion/Stumble/Iron Yard visits The Mission on July 7th (8:30 Finlay Park). Prayers for Cheech’s family and Teddy’s co-worker Charles.