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Does Anyone Want to Switch Partners…

 10 pax emerged from the gloom this morning on a chilly start to the day at Dreher.  YHC forgot he was the Q due to MoonRiver’s excused absence.  We had to go on the fly…  Apologizes abound to my friend Cesspool as I kicked him in the head while trying to get into position doing decline merkins in someone’s front yard.  That’s when Cesspool appropriately announced “does anyone want to switch partners.”  I don’t blame him…   Sorry…

Conditions:  52 degrees & cool.  Perfect! 

The Thang: 

Lap around school back to brickpile.

SSH x 30 (4 ct)

25 rocky sit ups oyo

12 raise the roof with bricks (crowd pleaser)

24 rocky sit ups 


Run to Butler and Picket

25 Iron cross

25 decline merkins 


Run to bottom of Butler & Longleaf (big hill)

Sprint uphill 10 burpees back down (major crowd pleaser)

Sprint back uphill 15 merkins back down

Plank while waiting 


Run to Eastminister parking lot

Merkins x 15 (4 ct)

Mtn climbers x 15 (4 ct)


Run to bottom of Berkeley Hill

Partner up & wheel barrow halfway up sprint to top

Rinse & Repeat

Plank while waiting


Run to Adger & Devereaux

Lunge walk to speed limit sign


Run back to Dreher




BOM:  Led by Roscoe


  • This Q was on the fly.  I had forgotten MoonRiver had an excused absence.
  • Linoleum was quoted as saying, “Roscoe you know amble meets at Owens Field not at Dreher. This is supposed to be a boot camp workout and not amble.”  Thanks for noticing Linoleum…
  • Saw lots of folks running this AM.  When we were running up the Butler Hill I thought Cesspool was in front of me until I saw the long mane of blonde hair.  Immediately realizing I was incorrect because Cesspool could not grow that much hair…  Sort of like Logo!
  • Lots of fun and camaraderie this AM.  Come join us on Monday’s at 5:45.  Great way to start the week.
  • Woody has the Q next Monday.
  • Welcome back Goose!  Glad to have you back from a one month vacation!


0 thoughts on “Does Anyone Want to Switch Partners…”

  1. No worries Roscoe. As the misses tells me, we need to communicate better next time. It just means I need to listen better. Good Q on the fly. 2.5 miles and boot camp. I know the Amble boys didn’t do that this morning.

  2. Thanks Cesspool. Didn’t realize it was 2.5 miles. Btw, I think I need to stick with 10 raise the roofs instead of 12. My arms and shoulders are feeling it. I think I over shot the runway a bit…

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