• When: 07/11/15
  • QIC: Drive By
  • The PAX: Beads, Purple Rain, Jar Jar, Fannie, Drive by, Binary, Blue Grass

Devine Street Block Party

Conditions 78 with a touch of humidity

The Thang:

Pax assembled in front of Dreher

Mosey to brick pile cage and grab a block

Circle up in plank and get the low down on the morning’s festivities, which will be a Devine Street Block Party stopping at various parking lots, alleys and lawns for a repetition of concrete block leg presses, big boy sit-ups and curls, with a few people’s chairs and planks thrown in for good measure.

Mosey from school, cross Millwood Avenue to Bellwood with blocks

Cusack from Bellwood to Devine Street

Stop One: 20 leg presses OYO, 20 BBSUs OYO; 20 curls in cadence.

Mosey to next station, heading west on Devine Street

Stop Two: 20 leg presses OYO

Mosey to next station (at Southern Pottery parking lot)

Stop Three: 20 BBSUs OYO

Mosey to next station (at Lutheran Incarnation parking lot), cusacking

Stop Four: 20 curls in cadence

Mosey to next station (Treehouse parking lot)

Stop Five: 20 block presses OYO

Mosey to next station (parking lot beside Henry’s)

Stop Six: 20 BBSUs OYO

Mosey to next station (parking lot in 2700 block of Devine)

Stop Seven: 20 curls in cadence

Mosey to next station in 2700 block of Devine

Stop Eight: Grab some wall and sit a while in people’s chair with block on lap and hands in the air like you just don’t care

Mosey to next station for Stop Nine where pax performed decline low plank on blocks

Mosey to next station, cusacking to Burger 77 parking lot.

Stop Ten: 20 block presses OYO commenced. This is where the pax meet up with Andrew and Jordan, two college-age dudes wreaking of alcohol from their stint at Nightcaps. They saw fit to offer us some encouragement and let the #drunkheckling begin. In a haze of cigarette smoke Andrew indicated he was feeling fine through his recent activities but opted not to give in to a #BillyZane offer. The pax took this in stride, despite numerous further drunken barbs from this dynamic duo of Dewers. Departing for the next station, we offered these wayward souls further information as to where they could post. They claimed residence in Irmo on the lake so . . . watch out.

Mosey to next station at Queen Street, cross Devine and end up in front of Abacus to go back up Devine toward the AO.

Stop Eleven: 20 block presses OYO

Mosey to next station where pax broke into pairs, one pax took two blocks and farmer’s carried up street while partner sprints to intersection of King, turns around and sprints back to partner, meeting him where he is and trades off. Rinse and repeat until 1/2 way through block at intersection with Woodrow.

Mosey to next station at parking lot after Anytime Fitness, where we left patrons know our workout was free.

Stop Twelve: 20 curls OYO

Mosey to intersection of Sims and Devine for block press above head then return to AO with a nine minute time hack.

Restack blocks at AO, 2/4 speed to shovel flag in front of Dreher.

COT: Announcements Binary’s son will soon be born! Hot Summer’s Night run is on the horizon.

BOM: Led byDriveBy. Prayers for Binary’s family.

Two post for Fannie-led Coffeteeria



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