• When: 2019-06-08
  • QIC: Mud Dawg
  • The PAX: Big Worm, Biggie Smalls, Bunk Bed, Rated R, Wiggles, and Mud Dawg

Death By … Mud Dawg

5 PAX met YHC in the surprisingly pleasant morning weather

Conditions: 72 ish and alright, alright, alright

The Thang:

A mosey to warm up with a dealers choice when Q paused

Death By….

In the first minute 1 burpee, in the second minute 2 burpees and the pattern continues until you cannot complete the burpees inside of a minute

rest for one minute

5 merkins and adding one each minute until unable to complete within a minute

rest a minute

10 squats, adding 2 each minute until unable to complete within the minute

rest a minute

Twenty 2 count flutter kicks adding 5 each minute until failure

when flutter kicks fail alternate minute of plank minute of rest until all pax reach flutter kicks

A great Q for fellowship and if a group has a wide fitness range as each pax can move to the next movement independently. Q needs to watch the time an keep pax on track