• When: 02/09/2017
  • QIC: Goofy
  • The PAX: Palin, BirdHole (from CLT Metro), Spam-a-lot, Ink Spot (WD), Fester, Sr Froggy (WB), Alterboy (From F3 Columbia SC), Manscape, Argyle, Tuco, Goofy

Circuit Breakers at TRQ

11 Pax posted to TRQ expecting to study for the Series 7. YHC has the Series 7 Licensing exam today but had committed  to TRQ before that was scheduled.  Rather than back out I had deciced to use the workout to help me prep.  I even tweeted that theme out earlier in the week and assembled a playlist.  However at 7PM last night while trying to decide how to do a workout around memorization acronyms like MISSPERMS or Rule 144, or options – I decided that was the worst [email protected]%king idea for a workout ever. (you know that its time to take the exam when your sick of the material) There was one idea that stuck that I liked around “circuit breakers”.  The rule is this – when the market drops 7% from opening, there is a 15 minute stop in trading at the market.  When it reopens, if it falls 13 % from opening, there is a another 15 minute break, finaly if it falls 20% then the market stops trading for the rest of the day.

So the newly named Circuit Breaker workout, went like this:


  • Perform all exercises with a rock/weight where you can, except the circuit breakers
  • 3 Exercises per circuit,
    • Perform exercise 1 for 7 reps, then the circuit breaker
    • Perform exercise 1 for 7 reps again, then ex 2 for 13 reps then the circuit breaker
    • Perform exercise 1 for 7 again, then ex 2 again then ex 3 for 20 reps then the circuit breaker
  • Perform these efficiently, with good form but with as much speed as reasonable.

After warm-o-rama of the usual stuff, we moseyed to the rock pile and did the following Circuit Breakers:

  • Circuit 1 – 7 Bent Rows, 13 WW2 and 20 Curls; 15 Jump Squats as Circuit Breaker
  • Circuit 2 – 7 Merkins, 13 Skull Crushers, and 20 OH Press with 15 Ski Jumps as Circuit Breaker
  • Circuit 3 – 7 Lunges each leg, 13 squats, and 20 Calf Raises, with 3 Burpees as Circuit Breaker

Short break by moseying around the circle doing John Cuscaks, then

  • Circuit 4 – 7 UR Rows, 13 Amer Hammer, 20 top half curls; 15 Jump Squats with punches as Circuit breaker
  • Circuit 5 – 7 HR Merkins, 13 Wide Merkins, 20 Ranger Merkins, with 15 Ski Jumps as Circuit Breaker
  • Circuit 6 – 7 Lunges each leg, 13 squats, and 20 calf raises, with 3 burpees as the circuit breaker

Done with the circuits we headed to the wall where we did wall sits and passed the rocks down the line. The second time around we did a Wonderbra with each pass of the rock.

Return the rocks, mosey back to the lot. We had time for one round of Low Flutters in Mary then we were FIN.

COT: YHC took us out thankful for the morning, for the bonds that tie us together. We lifted up the prayer concerns of @Cobra’s mom, @Palin’s Mom, @Landshark’s family and @Proehl.  Also prayed with the recognition that we are all broken in some way and need each other and most of all our Lord to make us whole.


  • Prayers for @Cobra’s mom who had surgery this week
  • Prayers for @Palin’s mom who is having to downsize and relocate due to some health issues
  • Prayers for @Proehl as he moves into a halfway house that he may be the man that the Lord desires for him and that he may find and follow that path. Indeed might we all find and follow Him
  • Lunch bunch on Friday
  • YHC has Purgatory on Saturday


  • Tclaps to the Pax who showed up to support.
  • A DashPax welcome to @Alterboy visiting from Columbia and @BirdHole from Charlotte. @BirdHold claims to have met @AlrightAlright in Dallas and workout with @Starfish in CLT. Great to have you both out.
  • Not much MC today – this workout was confusing to explain or YHC simply did a bad job of explaining it. Probably the latter.
  • The pax did complain that Dire Straits was cut short at the end of the workout – true that. I had tried to save the best for last.
  • You guys are part of what gets me through the good and bad times. Appreciate all of you.


  • Money by Pink Floyd
  • Money Make her Smile by Bruno Mars
  • Two Tickets to Paradise – Eddie Money
  • Beer Money – Kip Moore
  • Taxman – Beatles
  • Take the Money and Run – Steve Miller Band
  • If I had $1Million – Barenaked Ladies
  • Money Talks – Rick James
  • Money for Nothing – Dire Straits


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