• When: 2018-02-03
  • QIC: Chyna
  • The PAX: Chyna, Rated R, Tin Tin, Biggie Smalls, Enterprise

Chyna Q at the Spur

So I was lead to write this backblast because of how things played out. During the workout we heard war stories from the GrowRuck the past weekend. And also had a flyby from the GoRuck Tough that happened that night.


I showed up early and ran a quick 4 laps of Blatt field to warm up. It was pretty cold.


Disclaimer by our Q Chyna.



Take a lap around the field.


Merkins×10 OYO



Merkins×20 OYO

Squats×20 OYO


Merkins×30 OYO

Squats×30 OYO


Merkins×40 OYO

Squats×40 OYO

Take another lap around the field.


The Awful Thang:


Pretty simple.

10 burpees at blatt field.

Run up steps to bridge and to the top over the USC practice field.

10 more burpees.

Run back down to the blatt and 9 burpees.

Back up top for 9 more burpees.

Follow this ladder all the way to 1.


Count o rama 5

Name o rama



Everyone in the pax were very encouraging.

And what struck me, was Tin Tin waited for me, pushed me to not slow down. And at about 5 burpees, I was shot. Didn’t think I had anything left in the tank. Tin Tin showed me I was wrong. He encouraged me to push that rock all the way up and back down 5 more times. I’m very inspired and grateful to have friends at #F3Spur. And if you haven’t been I implore you to visit it at least once. Thanks for accepting me brothers.


Enterprise out.