• When: 2017-11-28
  • QIC: Silver Bullet
  • The PAX: Stretch, Odyssey, Bide, FroYo, Chewie, Hydie, Juggs, Foxhole, Pampers, Silver Bullet & 3 FNGs: Cuddles, Twinkie & Lil Joe.

Candyland at the Woodshed Land

Over the Thanksgiving break, SB found an old Candyland game board stuffed away in an attic.  Unfortunately, SB found that the kids who had played with the game the last time wrote all over the colored cards.  After a warm up with some leg stretches and a slow jog around the Circus, the PAX divided into 4 teams (actually, the teams didn’t matter) and then everyone followed the directions on the cards (not in the same order):

2x red (15 merkins); cupcake (5 burpies); 2x green (15 monkey humpers); red (10 LBCs); blue (5 monkey humpers); 2x red (15 sit ups); candy (5 burpies); orange (10 LBCs); 2x red (10 lunge in place); green (10 merkins); red (10 Freddy Mercuries); green (10 squats); orange (10 Russian twists); 2x yellow (10 Russian twists); blue (10 sit ups); green (10 LBCs); 2x green (5 monkey humpers); yellow (20 mtn. climbers); purple (5 calf raises); lollipop (5 burpies); orange (15 LBCs); green (15 mtn. climbers); purple (10 merkins); yellow (10 sit ups); red (10 lunge in place); orange (10 LBCs); blue (10 mtn. climbers); red (10 calf raises); 2x blue (10 Freddy Mercuries); ice cream cone (5 burpies); 2x purple (15 sit ups); purple (10 Russian twists); purple (10 calf raises); yellow (10 mtn. climbers); yellow (20 side straddle hops); green (20 LBCs); 2x green (20 SSH); 2x blue (5 merkins); 2x purple (10 SSH); gingerbread man (5 burpies); blue (10 squats); star (5 burpies); blue (10 sit ups); 2x yellow (5 worst merkins ever); 2x purple (15 monkey humpers); orange (15 LBCs); blue (10 jump squats); orange (20 merkins); red (20 SSH); purple (10 Russian twists); yellow (20 SSH); 2x yellow (10 calf raises); 2x yellow (10 squats); orange (10 mtn. climbers); 2x blue (10 squats); purple (5 worst merkins ever); yellow (10 Russian twists); green (10 squats); 2x orange (10 lunge in place); Popsicle (5 burpies); 2x blue (10 SSH); 2x red (5 monkey humpers); red (10 squats); and 2x orange (10 jump squats).

Oh, the Red team did come in first (which actually didn’t matter).

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We also welcomed 3 FNGs, who were invited by Foxhole: Cuddles, Twinkie & Lil Joe. Welcome All.

– 4 man team marathon race in March. Ask Kenny G about this.

PRAISE, via FroYo:
– T. is out of his comma and on his way to recovery.