• When: 2018-10-25
  • QIC: Zima
  • The PAX: Eldrick, Boo Boo, Pink Man, Apple, Walley, Duckie, McNugget, Billy Bob, Chop Shop, Cabana Boy, Detour, Stretch

Bus Loop of fun and Rocky Top Finisher

Solid 13, Posted at Hammer this am for Zima’s first Q.   YHC guesses the pax thought it would be fun to have the Tenn guy lead the group on game week vs USC.  Yes YHC wore my UT gear.

Conditions: 46 degrees

The Thang:

Warm Up- 20 SSH, then warm up lap down Briarfeild, left on Satchelford Rd, left on lla Ln, back to Briarfield with 20 LBC. Mosey over to the bricks, 2 per person.

Bus loop of Fun – 100 reps for each movement. Top of the loop 20 merkins and 20 squats then run down to other end of the loop then 20 curls and 20 over head press then run back to the top of the loop. Then rise and repeat till 100 reps for each movement.  Then 30 flutter kicks in cadence. Single leg lung 10 each leg. Mosey back to put Bricks away.

Meet back at AO for the Rocky Top finisher –  1 minute straight of movement of each exercise, with 45 sec break in between. Jump squat turn, mountain climber with twist of knee to opposite arm, merkins, big boy sit ups, little baby arm circle forward for 1 min then straight to backwards for 1 mim.