• When: 2018-01-22
  • QIC: BunkBed
  • The PAX: Enterprise, Myrtle, Pants, Rated-R, Chyna

BunkBed putting the Smack in the Smack Down

Conditions: Pretty good not too hot not too cold



SSH (x10) IC

Arm Circles: (Forward and reverse x10) IC

Arms remained up for overhead claps (x10) IC

Arms remained up for seal claps (x10) IC

Arms remained up for thumb raises (x15) IC

Merkins (x10) IC

Flutter Kicks (x10) IC

Merkins (x5) IC

Boat Canoe on Q’s count

Merkins (x5) IC

American Hammer (x10) IC

Merkins (x5) IC

BBS (x10) IC

Next workout was the Pull-up Train

P1 does 5 pull-ups while other PAX do squats and PAX alternate until all PAX get to 20 pull-ups each.

Indian Run

The Spurcuit

PAX have stations located on the field up to the Bates bridge where they must complete 10 of each workout before moving on. First Picnic Table: Dips, Second Picnic Table: Decline Merkins, Stairs: Calf Raises, Top of Bridge: American Hammer

Final Workout was Seal crawls. PAX carry themselves forward with just their arms from one cone to another. Legs drag behind them.

Mosey to flag



Closing Prayer