• When: 2018-01-29
  • QIC: Fountainhead
  • The PAX: Wall-e, Taurasi, Pinkman, Chopshop, Detour, Gaston, Furlough, Garnish, Sketch, Strom, Collar, RA & F'head

The #Scramble PFT (2-Mile)

In spite of Gaston’s promises for no rain, a light mist fell upon the 13 collected pax in Trenholm plaza ahead of a speed test day inspired by the weekend’s #GrowRuck07.  45 minutes into that twelve hour ordeal, the @GORUCK cadre called for an Army standard PFT (Personal Fitness Test) which consisted of AMRAP Mercans for 2 minutes, AMRAP BBSU’s for 2 minutes and an AFAP 2 mile run.  Being a run group, YHC decided to skip the Mercans and BigBoys but the 2 mile speed test was a perfect call for a Monday morning.  15:52 was the standard.  RA had already checked that box Saturday night so he settled for a little recovery stroll while the rest of us headed out for the following:

Conditions:  Low 50’s and a soft mist… which did, in fact, stop as Gaston promised


Heading out of Trenholm Plaza:

  • Turn left onto Trenholm Road
  • Left onto Forest Ridge
  • Left onto Quail Lane and then
  • Right onto Wrenwood Road to the corner of Wrenwood and Shady

From there, it’s exactly 1 mile to the second Shady/Milford intersection and, obvioulsy, another 1 mile back.  That was the speed test that the pax were suitably warmed up for.

  • Right onto Shady Lane and Straight to the second Milford corner.
  • Turn around and race back to Wrenwood.
  • Clock your time for comparison (YHC was good for 14:56 which was apparently middle to rear of the #Scramble #Faithful)

From there it was a simple return trip back the way we came:

  • Left onto Wrenwood Road
  • Left onto Quail Lane
  • Right onto Forest Ridge
  • Right into Trenholm Road and
  • Right down into Trenholm Plaza for the finish line.  MapMyRun had it at 4.3 miles but someone with a GPS correct us all for the record.



  • F3Haiti team leaves on February 3rd and returning February 10th.  Pray for the team and for the people of Haiti.  It’s been a tough year.
  • Upon our return from Haiti, F3 and FiA are hosting an Open House at River Rat Brewery.  Details are on Facebook (what?) Here or just show up on Februray 11th, 3:00-5:00 PM at River Rat Brewery, 1231 Shop Road.  Family friendly event and suitable for EH’ing an FNG.