• When: 2017-09-07
  • QIC: Ball Boy
  • The PAX: Ripcord, Spool, Sled

Brisk with a chance of Burpees

It was a brisk morning which made everything just a little better.

The PAX at #Score were all thinking about our AOQ Neighbor who is experiencing some family issues. Our thoughts and prayers were with #him this morning. L

The Thang:

Mosey near the soccer field
SSH x25 IC
LBAC x25 forwards IC
Some light shoulder stretching and mumblechatter
People’s Chair for a bit

Most to the pile and circle up
LBAC x25 backwards IC
Raise the Roof x25 IC
A little more stretching

Grab bricks & blocks and line up on the side of the practice field

And now we began the Captain’s Choice/Burpee Ladder. Because, what else would YHC call?

Pair up. The first person calls an exercise of their choice.

Partner 1 runs to the other side of the field and does 1 burpee. Meanwhile, partner 2 performs the chosen exercise until partner 1 returns. Then the partners swap. Partner 1 performs the chosen exercise while partner 2 runs the length of the field and does 1 burpee.

The next person then picked an exercise and the partners rotated while performing 2 burpees.

This continued until time ran out and the PAX had progressed to 11 burpees.

We returned our blocks and then sat around on the wall until time expired.


Devo by Sled.