• When: 2019-06-04
  • QIC: Pondo
  • The PAX: Chewy, Ash, Teddy, Faulkner, SilverBullet, Odyssey, Pondo

Bricks and Blocks in the Balance

7 Pax descended on The Shed for a variation on some old favorites that really worked core and balance.  These variations made the work out feel very different.

The Thang: disclaimer and warm up: 2 laps around the circus, then COP for SSH, IW’s, ButtKicks, HighKnees, all x 20 IC, Merkins x 20 LBC’s x 20

Mosey to brick cage and each pax picked up 2 bricks and 1 block.  Circle up for the balance exercises:  Low Country Crab w/ bricks x 20 IC, Calf Raises w/ bricks standing on block x 20, Man Makers w/ bricks x 10, LBC’s w/ Bricks x 20, Russ Twists on Block w/ Bricks x 20 IC, Balance Curls for the Girls (Balance on 1 foot on a brick and curl the block) x 20 then switch feet and R&R.  Balance Triceps Exts (Same concept as curls) x 20 R&R. Dips on block x 20, Split squats w/ one foot on a brick x 20, then switch feet and R&R. Merkin Cycle: Decline Merks w/ feet on block and bricks in hands x 20, Incline Merks w/ bricks in hands on block x 20, Balance Merks w/ both bricks under middle of block x 20.  Boat/Canoe on Block w/ bricks in hands on Q’s call.  Dropped blocks and mosey w/ bricks to lower playground and partner up.  P1 bear crawl w/ bricks from sidewalk to playground and does 5 pull ups w/ bricks between knees, while P2 Amraps squats w/ bricks, flap Jacks and R&R until each partner does 15 pull ups.  Mosey back to blocks and put everything in the cage.  Mosey to parking lot for 2 minutes of Mary.

BOM by Pondo

Moleskin: This was a fun and challenging workout just by altering the way we do familiar exercises.

Announcements: June and July Q schedule is up.  Let Ash know if you can’t make it and get a substitute.  Crazy Train at end of June.