• When: 2018-10-09
  • QIC: Dirty Bird
  • The PAX: Odyssey, Teddy, Pondo, Sad Saddle, Bloodwork, silverbullet, fox hole, Heidi, birthday suit, bell, rodeo, Teddy, Chewy, Dirty Bird (Respect)

Bonescatter comes to Woodshed

Location: Meadowfield Middle School

Weather: 74 degrees, Humidity 98%

Recap: Welcome to the boneyard  workout.  14  Pax completed 8 exercises with a Block carrying for 65 yards in between each bucket.

Prayer requests- Haiti victims, F3 wife with MRI, Hurricaine Victims, F3 men and their issues.

Devotion:  The Death of Self

Jesus Christ was obedient to the point of death (Phil. 2:8). While some Christians may be called upon to give up their life for the glory of God, most believers won’t face martyrdom. The death required of us, however, is no less real. We die to self.

Human beings are an independent lot. We want things our way, in our time, and on our terms. But Jesus said that anyone who wants to be His follower must deny him- or herself (Matt. 16:24).  Of course, that covers obvious issues like sinful habits and evil thoughts. But it also means that in some instances we must decline good things because they come at the wrong time or don’t fit God’s plan.

To an outside observer, the Christian’s commitment to obey must seem strange, especially when hands emptied by self-denial take up a cross instead (v. 24). Sometimes following the Lord involves suffering. What bystanders can’t see or experience is the deep satisfaction believers gain from doing what is right. Jesus once said, “My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me and to accomplish His work” (John 4:34). As food is to the body, so obedience is to the soul and spirit. Working for God nourishes, energizes, strengthens, and enlightens—bringing us even more satisfaction than do those things we typically think of as pleasures.

Even when self-denial hurts, obeying God brings joy. Believers who prioritize submission to Him will know what I mean. Contentment is found in drawing close to the Lord, sensing His approval, and looking forward to hearing, “Well done, good and faithful servant!” (Matt. 25:21 NIV).


Disclaimer: No professionals here, so modify if you have to, do not injure yourself.


Pledge of Allegiance

Begin Workout:

Today’s workout will feature a warm-up, bone scatter challenge, and wrap up. Exercise to begin in parking lot.

Ssh X25


Emperial walkersX20

LbacX 25 reverse X25

Overhead claps 25


The Thang

Start at end line

30 merkins

Carry 2 blocks for 65 yards

30 bbsu

Carry one block for 65 yards above head

30 LBCs

30 overhead presses

30 tricep extensions

Carry one block for 65 yards above head

30 Squats with block

30 Flutter Kicks (4-count)

Carry 2 block back for 65 yards

30 curls

Rinse and repeat by adding subtracting one from each rep.