• When: 2018-01-04
  • QIC: Billy Bob
  • The PAX: Splinter, McNugget, Collar, Boo Boo

Blocks + Ruck = lots of pain (for YHC)

YHC put out the call to all HIMs looking to warm up fast during this week of subfreezing temps. As YHC is one of 2 Hammer PAX (RA) participating in GrowRuck 07 in a few weeks, a ruck friendly workout was in store for those brave enough to venture into the frozen tundra. Only 4 brave souls appeared and work was done. YHC was the only PAX under ruck.
Conditions: Clear and a crisp 21 degrees.
The Thang
  • Grab blocks
  • Line up. Indian run down Satchel Ford to teacher parking lot.

Bear with me:

Line up on curb in middle of lot facing parking spaces.
Kettle swings with block x 20
drop block and Bear crawl to second line
Squats x 20
Bear crawl to second line
Merkins x 20
Bear crawl to second line
Flutter kicks x 20 2 count
Bear crawl to second line
Mountain climbers x 20 2 count
Lunge walk back to blocks rinse and repeat x 4.
  • Grab blocks and mosey up Oak Hill to Landrum with one pain station stop for block thrusters.
  • At intersection of Oak Hill and Landrum: Clock Merkins on blocks. 3 rounds.
  • Indian Run up Landrum hill with blocks to stop sign.
YHC was completely wiped after this run due to additional ruck weight and called an audible to have each remaining PAX call out an exercise utilizing the blocks. Rounds of V-ups, block merkins, and other painful things occurred.  Cobains as YHC’s memory became very hazy at this point.
Finished up with a mosey to put up blocks and head to flag for COT.
Moleskin: T-claps to the PAX who beat the fartsack and dominated the cold. Many chose the Blue Pill and remained in their warm slumber only to miss out on what we were able to overcome. T-claps to the PAX for helping YHC get though this one. Going under ruck for an F3 bootcamp is just completely stupid and utterly pointless. Choosing to do this and Q is even sillier. Hopefully you got a little toasty in this freezing craziness.