• When: 2018-01-10
  • QIC: Fudd
  • The PAX: Grilz, TOY, Wham, McBeal, Special K (Respect), Kamikaze (Respect), Lambchop, Turnpike, Eldrich, Pondo, DirtyBird (Respect)

Blocks For Blocks

12 Pax arrived at TheCastle Gloom to work and get better.  An upper body workout was their destiny.

Conditions: 48 degrees and clear




Calf stretches and high plank awhile

15 merkins

20 plank jacks IC

20 mountain climbers IC

15 LBAC Fwd and Rev IC

20 buttkicks IC

Tha Thang:

Each man collected his concrete masonry unit, a/k/a block, and they formed the line for the block parade.   Alternated carrying blocks on each shoulder and overhead at a rucking pace, stopping at each street for intervals of curls, overhead presses, and gobblet squats.  Back to the start point for situps with blocks, chest presses, and repeat.  A line of PAX doing situps with blocks is a good thing.  Dropped the blocks and did two rounds of Bernie Sanders and sprints to the hilltop, and 5 burpees at the top, then planked at the bottom.  Returned with the blocks to the COT for 25 flutter kicks with blocks IC, then moseyed to the hotbox for two minutes of wall sits.  “Learn to use the Force, we must, yes.  Tired we may be, it matters not.”  So the PAX then did vertical handstands x2 on the wall, the second time with one hand in tribute to Kamikaze and Jedi Luke.  Mosey back to the COT, stored the blocks, and cranked out 25 merkins OYO in honor of our visiting PAX.  Upper body.  Check.




Quick devo by QIC on “The Process” developed by our mutual mortal enemy Coach Saban – ‘you win not by wanting to win or by watching the scoreboard, but by executing your job at a high level, on each play.  Focus on the play and task at hand, do it well, and the wins will come, as Saban – uh – has proven, again.


Been a hectic couple of weeks, too many oysters.  Trying to get back into a productive routine and get better.  The Castle is there.  Part of “The Process.”  Post, do the hard thing well.  The wins will come.  Aye.