• When: 10/21/15
  • QIC: Pondo
  • The PAX: Stretch, PaperCut, LoveSeat, BackDraft, Improv, OnRamp, Pondo

Bitter Sweet Bells

7 Men warmed the Iron Yard one last time at DHS on a Wednesday gloom and got after it Pondo-style with lots of bell merkins.

Conditions: a balmy 46 degrees

The Thang: Warm Up with a lap around the parking lot. SSH, IW, Squats, Merkins all x 20 OYO

KB Swings x 20, KBBBSitups x 20, Bell Merkins x 10 (each arm), Alt. Lunges x 20, waiter press x 10 (each arm), Triceps Exts x 20, Single Arm Curls x 10 (each arm)

Partner up- At the risk of PaperCut “losing” his bell again, we did purse snatchers (running with KB) between the parking lot and the chutes.  P-1 on the chutes for dips x 20, reverse rows x 20.  P-2 Bell Merkins x 15 (each arm), KBBBSitups x 30. Flap Jacks x 3.

Over the Wall with Bells for an Indian Run combining purse snatching and Kousacs.  Hold the bell purse snatch style while moseying and Kousac style while sprinting. Stop at Stop sign.  Squats x 30, flutter kicks x 50. Indian Run back to wall as described above.  Calf raises on curb x 50, Derkins x 20. Lunge Walk with KB Cross Over to stop sign.  (this one really sucked). Purse Snatch Run back to wall, over wall and back to COT.

COT and BOM by Pondo

Moleskin: Stretch continues to show innovative leadership with redefining Iron Yard. This is a great workout.  The Yard is taking its talents to Woodshed now on Wednesdays, but will be back at BrickPile on Fridays.  The Wednesday Yard Crew has been mostly WS pax for a while now. Bringing the Iron to the Shed will be a great thing and will compliment PaperCut’s GritIron nicely. Don’t think I’ve had another workout where over half the pax present were AOQ’s.  Lots of Leadership Working Out at The Yard.


Announcements: MudRun October 24.  Get after it or volunteer and help support Heist and show the rest of F3Nation our hospitality.

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