• When: 2018-01-22
  • QIC: Beamer
  • The PAX: Grilz, TOY, Wham, Lambchop, Turn Coat, Kamikaze (Respect), Katniss, TurnPike, Fudd (Respect), Katniss, Free Bird, FNG (Beaker) (Respect), Special K (Respect)

Beamer Led Loop De Loop

13 Pax decided to begin the week with a little Beamer Q. I was determined not to disappoint, i mean how could I, this was my first appearance in a  couple months!! If you refer back to my last Backblast I wondered aloud if the Pax think I only show up for Qs, I did not disappoint.

Anyway, a balmy 40 degree morning is the perfect start to a fun filled week. Only F3 can get you to a point where 40 degrees is comfortbale.

The Thang: Disclaimer given emphasizing yours truly is attempting a 10K so my workout today is simply next up in my training schedule, lets run!!

Pax had a brief warm up including 30 SSH IC, High Plank with plank jacks and merkins intertwined and 20 Imperial Walkers IC.

We mozied to the top of hill on Kings Grant Dr for instructions. Mozy to every other speed bump and await instructions:

1st stop: 30 Merkins and Squats

2nd Stop: Al Gore till Pax arrive, planks with plank jacks, 60 Flutterkicks and 30 Merkins

3rd stop: 30 Squats, 60 Flutterkicks, 30 Merkins

After a small loop de loop through Devant, we mozied to the Guard Shack and back to the COP for a little Ab work to include 6 inches and flutterkicks.

Announcements and the naming of our FNG, Beaker, and Prayer then all was dismissed