• When: 2018-05-19
  • QIC: Hee Haw / Adrian
  • The PAX: Hee Haw, Adrian, Cess Pool, McLovin, Hawg, Misfire, Cornstache & Eldrick

Battle without a Reynolds or a Rocket

8 Pax put in work at Battle for a Hee Haw / Adrian beatdown that included fun with bricks, sleds, a McDeuce and some friendly competition.  The workout was without a representative from the Reynolds family – who was busy putting in work at the Mud Run.  Sadly, the workout was also without Snot Rocket … who was a no show after his first HC in years.  But as they say, the show must go on.

Weather:  Cloud cover and steamy.

The Thang:

First Half – Hee Haw

Run to the pile and grab 2 bricks


10 Imperial Squat Walkers

Line up on service road with bricks

Bear Crawl 25 yards with bricks, 10 merkins

Walking merkins 25 yards (facing right)

Walking merkins 25 yards (facing left)

Keep bricks and fun to football field

One man drops bricks and pushes sled 10 yards, rotate off – push sled entire length of field – pax not pushing the sled do lunge walk and curls to 50 yard line, then lunge walk / shoulder press to end of field 

Split into two teams

Indian Run with sled

First guy pushes sled 30 yards, next man up all the way to the end of the field

Rinse and Repeat

Run to pile and return bricks

Auditorium steps – bear crawl up / sprint down x 3

Second Half – Adrian

Sprint to Battle Loop

Circuit: 20 Carolina Dry Dock, 20 Mountain Climbers (counting one leg), 20 squats, 10 pull-ups

Run the Battle Loop

Circuit: 20 Carolina Dry Dock, 20 Plank Jacks, 20 Freddie Mercury (counting one leg), 10 pull-ups

Run the Battle Loop

Circle of Death for Dirty McDeuce

All 12 reps IC 

Merkins / Mountain Climbers / LBC

Wide-arm Merkins / Plank Jack / Russian Twist

Slow-fast Merkins / Russian Twist / Chaser  LBC

Knerkins / Mountain Climbers / Flutter Kicks

Back to Auditorium – bear crawl up the ramp

Run to softball field – 2 teams of 4 – alternate high/low plank when not running – relay race down foul line to home plate and back – losing team to do 10 burpees

Mystery exercise may or may not have been arm circles 

Due to photo finish, teams meet in center field for 5 burpees

Jailbreak back to COT

– word from Cess on importance of posing Backblasts.  Pax who posted earned it and it helps future Q’s to keep workouts fresh.

– Strong words from Cornstache on importance of F3 to all of us individually and as a group.  Push through the drudgery and keep putting in work.  Don’t forget how special this organization of men is.

– nice work by all Pax