• When: 2018-02-17
  • QIC: Heist
  • The PAX: Wingback, Rosinbagger, Rhonda, Hog, Splinter, McNugget, Heist

Solo Battle Q

YHC has missed Battle for the last few weeks based on gaining more miles on the weekends. Rotation was up for a Co-Q with Misfire, but he has a back injury that kept him grounded. There is a reason Battle uses a CO-Q approach, and the Pax demand all out intensity for the full hour. With that in mind, YHC needed to plan a solid crowd pleaser, and ensure it was completed without losing steam with cadence counts.


61 degrees with 70% humidity.

The Thang:

Drop to plank for instructions:

  • Quick disclaimer
  • Pax instructed when relieved to retrieve 2 bricks, then convene in the football field end zone
  • Do not let go of bricks until they are returned

Recover and execute the plan

From the end zone:

  • Bear Crawl with bricks to 20-yard line, backwards Bear Crawl back
    • Complete 20 Merkin Rows
    • Hold Plank until all finish
  • Crab Walk with bricks to 30-yard line, backwards Crab Walk back
    • Complete 30 Shoulder Presses
    • Hold Plank until all finish
  • Lunge Walk with bricks to 40-yard line, Lunge back
    • Complete 40 V-Ups
    • Hold Plank until all finish
  • Sprint with bricks to 50-yard line, Sprint back
    • 50 Curls
    • Hold Plank until all finish
  • Pick your poison: Pax pick their favorite segment a Rinse/Repeat
    • Complete your segment
    • Hold Plank until all finish


Put away Bricks and run to Battle Loop Playground for further instructions

Pax must complete each of the following exercises (complete each before advancing to next):

  • 25 Pull-Ups
  • 50 Merkins
  • 75 Squats
  • 1-lap around the Battle Loop
  • Rinse and repeat 4 times


Run over to the Tire Sand Box:

  • Half of group planks
  • Other half push tires to end of sand pit and back
  • Switch with your partner and repeat


Run back to COT:

25 Iron Cross OYO

COT and BOM by Heist



Great effort by all. YHC is happy that Cadence Count was left out today. We go our money’s worth for the full hour today.

Prayer request for Rosinbagger’s family (successful cancer surgery with dad)